Thursday, April 7, 2011

Off to the shelter

Because of many donations I was off to the animal shelter today.
Our local shelter is facing a difficult time ahead because it has taken on a larger area (pound contract) since we lost our Animal Control Kennel and will need to enlarge the cat area. Kitten season is upon us, and due to the fact that our area houses many irresponsible cat owners who do not spay their cats and then lets them wander,  the shelter will fill up fast. I would like to take each and everyone of these people and make them spend a day at the shelter to see what their irresponsibility has contributed to. Damn them anyway!
Most animal shelters are tucked away and out of site to most people. The only time they are thought about is when someone wants to adopt or drop off an animal.
Ginger was adorable and I have featured him recently.

 It would be so helpful if everyone would give a bit of their time.
 Walking a dog, cat grooming, cleaning cages, socializing the animals..these are all very necessary things that are needed every day.  Our local shelter has a cat area where the cats are free to walk around and lie on window-sills and people can visit with them and play with them.
           Virginia lost both her ears to frost-bite. Scottish Fold anyone?

It is a wonderful way to get to know a cat before adopting. It can take an hour out of your day and can make a difference for these animals.
And, if you find it too upsetting to spend time with an animal that you know has to go back to it's cage at the end of the day then just stop in and donate some food, take a moment to get to know the staff and tell them how much you appreciate what they do every day.
I got to meet Mufasa. He is a gorgeous boy at the age of 13.

 What would the animals do without these people who are there to help them 7 days a week? It is a very emotional-filled job and they deserve our thanks.
This is Zack. He is the shelter mascot and has his own face-book site ;-).
If you would like to donate to LAWS here is there site...

hugs, Deb 


  1. I wish I lived closer. I'd be there everyday. Our local SPCA is a 45 min. ride for me. The next best thing is our local mill that sells seed and feed. They take in kitties (sometimes they are left in a box on the doorstep anonymously) and give them homes until they are adopted. I go in and socialize them and play with them when I can. It's hard to pull myself away but when I go back and they've been adopted, I'm thrilled.

  2. I wish I could, there are no such sites here at all. So good of you to do this though..they are each so special. :D

  3. It's so sad and I feel the same way you do. I kept four feral kittens when the mother brought them here. I had her and all her babies fixed, but even at a low cost place it was probably still too much for most people. It cost me around $40 for each of them with a rabies vaccination that is required by law. It needs to be no more than $25 total...or free. There are people that mean well, but they just can't afford the cost.

  4. Oh Deb, your posts make me laugh and they make me cry. Such is life, isn't it? Yes, these people are angels. I volunteered at one once in another town. I didn't last too long after bringing a third dog home to a house with two dogs and two cats! Bless them all. And yes, damned those thoughtless, reckless people!

  5. For sure Damned those thoughtless, reckless people that don't spay and neuter their animals, and those that just "don't want" a pet anymore. Such gorgeous loving animals just waiting to be adopted.

  6. Deb - you're a good girl, sharing the love with all those sweeties. We dropped off a whole lot of cat blanket and beds to our local SPCA recently.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. There's so many sweet kitties to be adopted at animal shelters isn't there? It breaks my heart when people don't take care of their pets and it also breaks my heart when people get pets from expensive breeders and animal mills when their are so many wonder cats and dogs to be had at adoption centres.

    Keep up the good work Deb!
    xo Catherine

  8. Those people in the shelters are doing such beautiful work and i have a lot of respect for them.We adopt our little Mikki from the shelter ,someone brougt her there with 5 kittens en said she could not take care of her and her baby's.My doughter has 10 cats ,some found on the street and 2 from people who dont wanted to take care of there cats.Its a shame al this is happening .I can have only one maybe later two cats because i'm very allergic ,if not we would adopt more Sorry my Englisch is not so good and i hope you understand what i'm writing

  9. I have to agree about owners who dont spay and neuter as they leave so much hearbreak for the people that care and try to make a difference. Those people at that shelter care very much and it shows. Hugs GJ x