Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hopeful on this beautiful day

Can it be that I am already seeing an improvement in my dog, Kane's ears? If the simple thing of adding raw garlic to his dinner is going to relieve him of this hideous infection that we have been fighting for 3 years I will be over-the-moon.

Kane's excited too.
He has been on drops, pills, sauve, cleanings from our vet & so on and it always comes back. I have worked with his food also to try to see if he was eating something that he was allergic to. No change. When I talked to the vet tech last visit she said that some dogs have their ear canals removed because they never find anything that permanently works. I almost fell over just thinking about it. I refuse to put my dog through that. I think that sounds HORRIBLE. Now, after just 5 days of adding raw garlic to his dinner, I may be seeing an improvement.
Food - God's natural healer. I'll keep you posted on this in case it really works and there is another dog that needs to try this.

It was so beautiful today here in Carleton Place. Everywhere you walk there are flowers bursting through the ground. The sun is hot and there is a nice, warm breeze. We walked an extra 1/2 hour today and there were many cats sitting about on their property.
I know some people do not like to see cats outside but at least they had collars on and were staying far from the road.
I can never get too close to them with the dog....No Sir!
Out-door cats are all squirrels to him.

hugs, Deb


  1. Good for you Deb..sometimes I think vet's and doctors do some guessing! God gave us the good thing of the earth and we, in wosdom can use some of them. I am so glad he is did you know to use garlic? ;D

  2. I do hope the garlic works for Kane's ears. I had to laugh at the photo of Kane howling.

    There are so many natural foods/products that work well. We use organic apple cider vinegar, for lots of things, external and internal, from sore throats, to an overall soothing hot tea with honey for colds.
    I'm one who likes to see pets go outside when possible. I guess in the South we don't think that it's so unusual since we have a lot of warm weather.
    Have a good evening,

  3. That's great news, Deb! I hope the garlic end up being the cure!

  4. Hi Deb - I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and love hearing about your cats and seeing pictures of cats in your neighborhood! I hope the garlic works for curing Kane's ear infections. Do you think the garlic would work for cats? I adopted my cat Rosie from a rescue group and she's had cronic ear infections since we've had her. I've learned a lot from you re cat care.
    Thanks! :D

  5. Glad the garlic is working for Kane. I'll bet there are no vampires in your house either! Addy has a bit of a UTI (at least that is one diagnosis) so I am giving her cranberry powder mixed in her food. So far I think it is working -- at least no "accidents" the last few days. Love Kane's Woo Hoo picture!!