Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kane & I have been featured...

I'd like to give a shout-out to The Doggie Chef for featuring Kane and I on her blog yesterday. Her dog, Gracie and Kane share something in common. They are both dogs who enjoy home-cooking instead of commercial dog food. I think I have mentioned before that I home-cook for my dog. It sounds more complicated than it is.
When I first adopted Kane I informed my vet that I wanted to cook for him and asked her opinion on that. She said, "Great" and to be sure he had meat, veggies and a good supplement of vitamins and minerals. Since he has aged I have added glucosamine also. There are 3 things that Kane will leave at the bottom of the bowl if I try to sneak them in. One is mushroom...he hates them....peas.....we find them in the water bowl so that means he tucks them in his cheeks and  disposes of them later....and tomatoes. His weight has been anywhere from 40 - 45 lbs and he has managed to keep it there as he ages. (smart aleck). My vet is impressed.

So drop by The Doggie Chef and meet Gracie and her lovely owner. You will get some great tips if you plan to home-cook for your dog.

Take a peak at Mufasa ( Persian cat) on my previous post who needs to find a loving home.
Hugs, Deb


  1. As a Human, I think Kane's meals sound pretty darn good!

  2. Congratulations on the feature! I home cook for my dogs too. I began cooking for Hunter because he has a lot of allergies and health issues. He is starting to get better and is off most of his meds and I hope to have him off the rest soon. Hunter (Labrador) is not picky and eats just about anything I feed him but Justice (Rottweiler) does not like carrots - raw or cooked! That is one of Hunter's favorite treats and if I offer one to Justice she will take it and then place it on the floor near Hunter!

    Mufasa is precious. I pray he finds a safe and loving home very soon.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Dat Kane sure is a pretty doggie. YOu are a good doggie & cat mom.

  4. I admire you that you cook for your dog! Kane is a Sheltie? Isn't he on the larger end for a Sheltie? Ours is 25 lbs and the vet says that is too heavy.
    I will have to check out that blog....thanks for letting us know!

  5. Caren...Kane is a rescue from a shelter and although he was listed as Sheltie I think there may be something else mixed with that. My vet says he is either as big as a sheltie gets at the shoulder or he is mixed. He seems to be all collie personality, though.

  6. Kane is so beautiful...... I bet he's smart too!!

    I'll check out the blog.... I should cook for our Cavalier, Casey.... She weighs 40 lbs.... and that's too much for her.