Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting weight off kitty

Let's face it; if we have a tubby tabby we need to question our feeding habits.  If your cat is fed only dry food perhaps it is time to make a change. Our Sierra is a bit over-weight so I have had to make some changes over the last 2 years.
I'm not a fan of diet food whether it is for a cat or a human. I think we should eat the food we love but in moderation. If your cat loves dry food I believe the best thing to do is cut back on the amount that you feed while adding a small amount of soft, canned food to the diet. A good, wholesome canned food (holistic blend is what I feed my 5 seniors) has a high percentage of water and mostly meat. They love it and eat more of it than any dry kibble. 4 out of 5 have kept their weight stabilized and they are healthy cats.
just a tiny bit of petra-malt added
 I then add a bit of Petra-malt on top (at least 2x a week) to help with hair build-up in their stomach. This can be purchased in any pet store. In case they don't care for it, I add a little food on top. My cats eat both dry and moist but mostly moist. I do have to feed them more often but it keeps them healthier and I am at the vet's office less often. Over-weight cats suffer from many diseases and if we can avoid this just by changing a few feeding habits I believe it is well worth it.

Now, while you are at the pet store,  ask for a 'cat-dancer'. This is the one cat-toy that will get your cats moving and help to shed some pounds.
 Ed, Lily & Sierra waiting by the wood-stove to 'turn on'. Now that the winter is behind us they will have to start chasing sun-beams again (just like us).
Victoria was adopted over the weekend from our local shelter. "Have a long and wonderful life, Victoria. You so deserve it."

And before ending,  Sierra wants to show you her favorite place to hang out now. This is called the Dream Curl (a stylish new twist on the traditional floor scratcher).It has a variety of scratching surfaces and angles and her vivacious...oh, sorry!....petite frame fits in it just purr-fect.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is a great idea to add the petromalt INTO their food! Naturally the ones that need it the most despise it straight from the tube.

  2. Oh my goodness! Victoria is such a beautiful kitty. Someone is very lucky to have her join their family. We pray she is loved, cherished and given the finest of care for the rest of her life.

  3. Such beauties you have in your family. Our vet would like to see me on mostly canned food too. But M not switching over until they come back from vacation because our sitter can only come 2 times a day.

  4. I hope I don't need to do diet !
    A can of wet food sound reasonable for me but if mommy feed me like your photo, I might have to get extra fresh birdy..hee..hee..heh

  5. Mr. Puddy...not to worry, the kitties get fed many times throughout the day.

  6. Aunty Deb,
    My Mama is soooo going to the pet store to get that Dream Curl! Tom, Michael and Nikki are tubby tabbies and now that Mama's around, they've been put on diet. purrrr....meow!