Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A birthday wish & a tale.

Today is my daughter, Jess's 30th birthday. Here she is pictured with her fiance, Mike.
We celebrated last week but I want to wish her a wonderful day today. I wish I could have made her one of her 'requested' breakfasts from mom.

My day usually starts out with a poached egg on whole wheat toast. I used to have some 'misses' with poaching but I have it down to a science now.
Here's how I do it and it is always perfect.
Bring water to a boil and add a 1/2 tsp of white vinegar
Take the pot off the burner and turn it down to medium
slide in the egg.
Return to the burner and don't take your eyes off  it. The egg should cook at a nice pace.
This is where you put your toast on
By the time it is ready the egg is done. The whites are cooked and the centre is soft.
Place the egg on the buttered toast and add pepper (that's a must)
Best, simple breakfast ever.

Ruby enjoys the window seats
but her favorite place is at the front door on a chair. There she loves to watch the world go by.

 The two kittens play well together. They also love bird-watching together.
So far, their favorite toys are twist ties, a straw, the fringe on our couch blanket, any bug that enters, dust balls (ahem), the cap off our camera lens (uh uh), all loose papers and a yellow bean that hit the floor at dinner last night. That was fun then they shared it. YUM!

Cheap, cheap,cheap. I don't buy many toys when I have such innovative cats around.  The toy basket sits in the living-room ignored. They do love the Ess, though. It's getting a work-over.

I was upstairs on the computer last night and an email came in. I opened it to find that it was from the retired-guy asking me if I could let Cali in off the screened-in porch. Hmmmm....odd. Isn't he sitting on the couch downstairs? Isn't he just watching  TV? Could he really be that lazy?
I went down stairs just in case he had broken both his legs somehow and found him lying on the couch  with 3 cats lying on top of him asleep; Ed, Lily & Sierra. He didn't want to disturb them. Me....that doesn't matter so much. I gave him 'the look' but actually thought it was pretty funny.
It brings me back to one night, years ago, when I went out with the girls and was to return quite late. We had a cat named Patches (a Calico) who would bite everyone but me if they tried to move her from a comfy spot. I knew she loved to sleep on top of the retired-guy on the couch because I had to remove her plenty of times in the past. I warned him that if he fell asleep she would climb up there and then what would he do if he needed to get up? "You know she'll bite you. You are best to stay sitting while you watch tv." Yah, right!
I returned at midnight to find him and Patches asleep horizontally on the couch and my best pair of oven-mitts sitting next to his hand. He, undoubtedly prepared himself for that moment.

I'm sending you over to Knatolee's World she can show you how to make your cats' world much bigger and brighter. How lucky are these kitties to be able to enjoy the big outdoors and stay safe and sound all at the same time. Bravo Natalie. All cats should be so lucky.
hugs, Deb


  1. Happy BD to Jess.
    And you guys have a fantastic time with the wedding and touring the Rock.
    Once you are back you and Gary are invited to 44 for an evening!
    And good luck to Gary with the menagerie. Should we check in on him? Hahahahahaha!!

  2. The toy du jour is the plastic seal strip from a container of baby spinach...KILL IT!!!
    Jane x
    PS We SO wanted an enclosre like Knatolee's but our wildlife situation is too dangerous.

  3. Happy Birthday to Jess! My daughter, Erin's birthday is on the 10th and she'll be 42! Where does the time go???
    I love seeing your feline friends--they help in missing my Baiely:-)

  4. We like the retired guy! Love the story about the mitts!

  5. Mom Paula sent you another email from both her personal email and work email. Hopefully, you'll get one of them.

  6. I love the picture of sweet Ruby sitting out by the front door watching out the window.

    I speak to Miss Pops all the time. I think sometimes people forget that cats love your voice and the attention and time together.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Happy Birthday to Jess! Love seeing the kitties visit and play! Love the story abut the email to let the cat in! Funny! Hugs, Linda

  8. Happy birthday, Jess! Many happy returns of the day.
    That retired guy is a pretty sweet and thoughtful fellow when it comes to his kitties. He's a keeper.