Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Less frazzled

I am finally feeling less frazzled from flying. I just typed that and then read it again and cracked up.
But it`s true. I don`t like flying. I feel trapped and out of control. Nope, it`s not for me. You would have to drug me to put me in the seat next to the window. This morning before leaving to cat-sit, I took some time to relax with a second coffee and just enjoy the gang of felines at home. This particular one is my shadow if Ruby is asleep.

I just have to look up and there she is; Audrey.
Bold as brass. 

These two are a menace together. They are perpetual motion; wacky doodles. When they finally exhaust themselves from tearing up and down the stairs,  this is their favorite spot to watch the world go by.

Sierra is on the red bench on the porch and these two sit here looking out when our mailman arrives. He gets quite a kick out of them. Audrey is on the left. She`s quite a bit bigger than Ruby.

Mr. Ed, who was 24 years old last May,  is still doing ok.

We adopted him 4 years ago from our local animal shelter. They told us that his family said he was around 20. I figured he had a year. He had other ideas.
He`s not near as active as he was last year and since his leg injury last Spring but he still enjoys the deck, his food, his feline friends and he loves the retired-guy. They are great buddies. But I see the changes;  I know what`s coming.  It`s inevitable so I spend more time with him now.
I was off to visit a Calico, an orange Tabby and an elegant black beauty this morning.  Calls were coming in all afternoon for cat-care. Everyone is squeezing in one more holiday before we bid the summer farewell. August is always one of my busiest months.

It`s good that I love what I do....yes I do!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my daughter`s marriage ceremony. I know she would not have changed a thing and was so happy with her day.
I will post a few of the professional photos when they are ready.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the photos of your feline crew. =)
    Special hugs to Mr. Ed. I'm twiterpated with him and his sweetness.

  2. I bet the furry ones were happy to have you home ... especially Audrey!! :D :D Lovely to see them all. Hugs to Mr. Ed ... it's hell getting old ...... for the furs and us! Hugs--

  3. My mom person LOVES to fly in airplanes doesn´t matter if they are small Cessnas or BIG Jumbo jets , my dad person is moore like you *MOL*
    Good to hear that Old Ed still is doing well <3

  4. My tortie queen is 16 but I don't think she will make it to 24! What is the secret?

  5. I had hopes for my Bailey to reach at least 20--nature had other ideas, but it does my heart good to see Mr. Ed. I honestly don't mind flying and have to have the aisle seat except when I flew with Maddie and then I was stuck in the middle. Oh well, she kept me entertained. I know your crew is glad you're home--me too! XOXO

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful daughters wedding, what an adventure.

    Those two sisters are very cute sitting together. Aren't you angels giving Mr Ed a fantastic retirement home. We have never had a cat who got anywhere close to 24 years before. We hope he gets to enjoy a few more sunbeams and warm beds.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Love the pics!! It's nice to see Ed out enjoying the sunshine.

    I used to love flying. Now it's just a pain in the butt...

  8. We flew two cats from England when we emigrated. I was a complete nervous wreck as they travelled on a different plane at a later date.
    Jane x

  9. its been all go with you. Lovely shots to post up though. We haven't been visiting because we have been away and then encumbered with extra work that going on holiday entails. Lovely to be back. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  10. Wonderful to meet you! We have four rescue cats - two are solid grey! I enjoyed your photos so very much.
    I am not a fan of flying, either.
    I'm your newest follower. Stop by and visit when you can. Mildred