Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tea-cup and Happy Tails

First off, please indulge me. I am still in the wedding zone. I love this picture.

More photos coming. :)
Here it is Friday and I just found out it is National Afternoon Tea Week. I seem to always be a week behind on things.
No problem, I drink tea every afternoon and that's how I would have celebrated it anyway.
My choice of tea in Newfoundland restaurants was Red Rose. Can't beat it for taste and satisfaction. My opinion, of course. I brought home this little tea-cup and saucer from St. John's, Nfld.
 I found it in a shop on the street where our hotel was. I did not venture into any antique shops because my companions weren't into vintage china as much as their mom. I settled for 'brand new'.
She's cute, eh! It is all up-hill in Newfoundland. The saucer holds a cookie....fabulous!

I have a nice story for you that happened at our local animal shelter last week.
There is a cat residing there that was picked up as a stray and pregnant. She was due last week to give birth. In the meantime, someone brought in 2 one-week old kittens that were found outside. Eyes were not open yet. The staff bottle fed them but it is difficult and time-consuming so they had a plan. The pregnant cat went into labour soon after these two orphans arrived. As soon as she gave birth to one, the staff slid these two kittens in with the new-born. They waited. The mom started to lick them along with her own baby. We figure she thought she had just delivered them. She went on to have 7 more kittens so now she has 9. That too many for any one cat so the staff is having to help them with feedings but at least these two little orphans will be raised along with the other 7 by a momma cat. I love happy endings. Now, if they can just find wonderful, loving homes for them all, then were talkin'. If you are in the Ottawa/Carleton Place/Almonte/Perth/Smiths Falls area, please drop in to the Lanark Animal Shelter in Smiths Falls, Ontario to view their beautiful dogs and cats that so desperately need loving homes.

Look what my daughter sent me from St. Johns, Nfld.
A Newfoundland cat in a window. A rare sight for sure.

Thanks Jess, love ya.

hugs, Deb


  1. We hope all those babies are adopted in wonderful forever homes.

    Your daughters are beautiful.

  2. Jess & Allie's photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    That is such a happy story about the orphan kittens. Our newest kitten was one of five orphaned and bottle fed by our vet's asst.

    I adore your new cup/saucer!

  3. Red Rose Tea! My gran drank it, my mum drank it ( and still would if she didn't have a feeding tube) and there is a box in my cabinet right now along with my
    PG Tips! A bracing cuppa for a hard day!
    God bless the little kitty momma! We'll keep her in our prayers. And her sweet little, well not so little, family too! Sending our love to them across the miles.

  4. Beautiful girls, you lucky Mom!
    Keep the pictures coming~I am really enjoying them!
    Cat hugs!

  5. Your daughters are beautiful; my girls were best friends too. I love the tea cup--bring it over and have tea with me, I made treats! XOXO

  6. That is a very nice photo of your beautiful girls Deb! I hope all those kitties get adopted. Happy Friday! xo Catherine

  7. Your girls are simply lovely! The story about the kittens and pregnant cat moved me to tears. Such a wonderful happy ending! I love stories like that.


  8. What a beautiful from me happy

  9. I'm reallly enjoying your wedding adventures! so happy that the kittens have a 'real' Mum.
    Jane x

  10. Your girls are as beautiful as their Mom. Love the new teacup! Kitties need a Mom-great story! Hugs-

  11. Deb that shot of your girls is lovely just like them! Love the mama cat story! Wishing them all new homes soon! Hugs,Linda

  12. What a nice posting! Not only pictures of your darling girls and a cat in a window, but a heart-warming story about a kitten rescue.

  13. Your two daughters are very beautiful Deb. Take after their mother I see.