Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back she goes & Give-away winner.

I am just back from the vet with Audrey. Unfortunately, she took a re-action to the suitchers from her incision and she is on anti-biotics for 1 week and rest. Poor, poor Audrey. We thought all was going so well and then yesterday I saw some swelling and sure enough we had a problem. There was infection behind the incision. She is now in the spare room again for complete rest. She thinks of it, I'm sure, as her time-out room. I feel so bad for her. She acts fine, eats fine, uses her box fine, purrs when you pet her and seems all-around jolly but she has to be kept quiet. I will let her out in the evenings when I can keep a close eye on her and I have to keep track of the swelling. She is not to jump and she should stay off the stairs a few days. That would be impossible if she is not 'shut away'.

I was thinking back to all the cats we have had spayed. Not one ever had a problem with healing. Not one. And I think we had around 8 females spayed. If a cat will have some problems and I will have some worries it will of course be with Audrey.

I had to close the give-away at 5:30 tonight as I am heading out to celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday.So, the retired-guy helped with picking the winning name today for the give-away. All names were placed in his fishing hat and he did the honours.
The winning name is with Truffle & Brulee. Congratulations to 2 beautiful cats and mom, Paula. Please send  me your address and postal code and your gift will be shipped off to you very soon.  Enjoy your new teas in a pretty tea-cup, Paula. Hope you enjoy the treats, sweet kitties.

Well, I guess I'll be turning the spare room/time-out room into my reading room just so little Audrey doesn't get lonely. Wish us luck with her recovery. We need it.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb: So sorry to hear of Audrey's troubles. See, that's what being a female can get you! But, look at it as a learning tool. Being locked up in a room with her could be quite an experience. Sweet little thing..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Oh no, poor Audrey! I hope the healing goes well and she doesn't got too stir crazy! Congrats to the winner! hugs, Linda

  3. Ahh, poor baby. She should be okay now though, with Mommy to take care of her.


  4. They are just like babies--Get well soon, Audrey! XOXO

  5. Poor sweet lil Audrey. She probably wonders why she feels so yucky.
    We are all sending happy thoughts her way.

    Happy Birthday to Jess!

    Sorry I missed the walk today. Friday?

  6. Awwww little Miss Audrey. We hope you get some healing sleeps and all your owwies heal swiftly.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. With many cats spayed over the years I've never had a problem with infected incisions or sutures. [Just once I had a cat who experienced some redness around the stitches--I cleansed it with peroxide several times and all was well.]
    I did have a cat [Katydid] who came home from her spay with instructions that she should be kept quiet--within an hour or two she had climbed up the door jamb and was perched on the edge of the bathroom door. When our last two cats went for spay/neuter last fall they were send home with pain meds--that was a new one!
    I trust Audrey will be herself again soon.
    Audrey is a character--I could reach through the screen and hug her!

  8. Oh, Audrey, sweetie.
    Rest, OK?
    Feel better soon.
    Cooperate with your human mom =)
    Sending good thoughts your way!

  9. Poor Audrey! When I had my second daughter, way back in 1978, for a whole year I kept telling the doctor that something wasn't right. Finally he believed me. My c-section incision stitches had not dissolved! They were sticking out like little needles. I feel for ya, little Audrey!

  10. Oh, poor baby girl!
    We have a cat who got brain damage from the anasthetic when she was spayed...she's our special sweet girl.
    PLEEEEEEEAAAASE give Audrey a healing hug from me.
    Jane xxx