Friday, August 3, 2012

Tuxedo treat

It is supposed to hit 40 celsius with the humidity in Ontario this weekend. That's too hot to do much of anything and especially hot for a cat-sitter who loves to cuddle the cats. Unless the house is air-conditioned there won't be much of that going on. And I notice, too that cat's never sit in windows in this kind of heat. Well, all but Toby.

A little update on Audrey...she is healing quite well. The infection is all but gone. I won't be happy though until all the swelling is gone. She is day 5 on antibiotics and has to continue with them for 9 more days. She is not in the time-out room much anymore. I just keep her from playing too hard and check her incision periodically. I am dabbing it with peroxide to keep it dry.

I joke about her but she really is the best little feline patient ever. She takes her meds in her soft food so I don't have to pill her and she is always purring. I catch her checking out her belly but she does not disturb the incision. She just finds it rather interesting.
She is more cuddly than usual and I hope that doesn't change. She sleeps all night.

She's milkin' it for all it's worth, though. Always checking the hand for special treats.

Back to cat-sitting...
Look at these beauties.  4 Gorgeous black and white's that I am cat-sitting. All friendly and welcoming.

Nico again
Toby again.
Ripley again
There were 2 more fabulous felines but they were shy for the camera.

It was pretty hot so we played on the cool kitchen floor awhile. 40C is unheard of here. The animals hate it, too. I feel so bad for the ferals with this drought but I did bring them lots of cold water on my way home tonight. I have only seen 2 for months now. I leave them dry and soft food. Hope they make it through this stinkin' hot summer.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb: How miserable it must be to be so hot especially when you are not used to it and those poor ferals with no place to go to get out of it. Makes you mad, doesn't it. Glad Audrey is doing better and usually it does tone them down a bit. So cute to think of her looking at her tummy and wondering what's going through her little mind. I didn't make it to comment on your last post, but I wanted to tell her to add devious derelicts to her list..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. So glad Audrey is doing better...hugs to her! And...FABULOUS markings on those black on white tuxedos! Wow! I have to keep going back to have another look at Nico! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. That is way too hot for us too. We would need ice cubes and a lie down in the bathroom to keep cool, no air conditioning here.

    We are glad to hear that sweet Miss Audrey is healing well, what a sweetie.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. 40? Oh that is MUCH too hot! I hope you and all the kitties keep cool Deb!
    xo Catherine

  5. That is hot! I always think of Canada as much cooler then here in the South but It's a crazy weather world we live in now. Love the black and white kitties! So happy to hear Audrey is doing so well...she is a spitfire isn't she. Hugs, Linda

  6. I just love their markings--how distinguished! We're warmer here too, but no humidity...I love it! Stay cool dear friend, XOXO

  7. oh so adorable!!! very sweet and a perfect share for Sweet Saturdays!!!!

  8. So happy to hear of Audrey's progress. Makes life much easier to have a willing patient for meds, etc. I have a sweet CRF girl who leads me to her "treat basket" every morning...I give her sub-q fluids & she eats treats all while laying in her basket. It's a win for both of us. P.S. Lovin' these utterly adorable black & so so cute!!!

  9. OMG, how many kitties do you have? Freya looks like I used to have, we called her socks cause she had white feet.

  10. Hi Sandy..these are clients' cats. I have a cat-sitting service and photograph my kitty clients. We have 6, 4 seniors and 2 young ones. That's my limit. Thanks for stopping by.