Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pampering my orchid & one eye on Audrey

Is this ok? Should I straighten this shoot so the buds will bloom and not be damaged? I have attached it to another shoot and I'm hoping this is the right thing to do.

Audrey was put on a bus with a note attached to let her off at the first camp-ground and I'd pick her up in a week or so but she was returned by the bus-driver because of her bad language. I can't win.

                                  "I'm  reporting you, you maniac"
Anyway, she's back and I will just have to keep a 24 hour watch on my very brave orchid.

I've been dusting again. I live with 7 furry bodies and a messy retired-guy who is always 'fixin' something so you can imagine it does not get done at one fell-swoop.

Then I came face to face with dishes and you know what happens then.

I'm nursing a head-ache so I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee. Have a great day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, Audrey...I think you need more security ,Deb.
    Jane x

  2. Maybe Audrey needs a pot of catnip to keep her occupied! I can see where that stem with orchid buds would be inviting to a mischievous cat:-D

  3. I know how you feel cats are always up to mischief ...and I have to place plants out of reach ...its always a treat to have an orchid in flower...Good luck !! Gail x

  4. Audrey you remind me of Emily and what a bundle of energy she was! Love that you got to play with dishes today! Hugs, Linda