Saturday, August 18, 2012

Biscuit Barrel and a sad little peanut is one of my favorite blogs. Susan loves vintage china and she seems to have lots of tea-cups so you just know I am over there browsing all the time. One of her most recent posts  showed us her new biscuit barrel. It is so pretty, so delicate and just plain gorgeous. I thought I would show you my biscuit barrel that I love so much. It is stamped Royal Dalton England on the bottom. I found it in an antique shop for $35.

"Mornin' monkey"

I keep crackers in it.

I was up very early this morning. 6 hungry cats do not let you sleep in.
Our Cali is 19 this year.
and one was very busy crashing around chasing a moth

She ate it
 Audrey's hide-out
I can't head out to cat-sit without a big mug of coffee so I head straight to the coffee-centre in our kitchen.
Yes, I love white dishes. I'm a dishaholic, remember?
The beautiful print in the background came from Jeri at Hopalong Hollow Gazette.
I adore it and was so happy to win her give-away. You must drop by to meet Jeri. You will love this talented artist and animal lover.

I think this is a 2 coffee morning.
Audrey misses Ruby. I knew it but I also know she will settle down very soon.
She calls out for her even though I made sure she saw her go in the crate and leave with my daughter.
If only we could explain these things to our cats. I'll leave you this morning with a sad cat in a window.

Off to cat-sit a black beauty and an orange and white charmer. Photos comin'

Our local animal shelter, LAWS, is facing the need to close their doors if their financial situation does not improve. Please, if you can, contact them with your support and make a donation. They house over 200 cats and many dogs presently. This would be a terrible loss for our area.
and pray for them. They need it.
hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Audrey. There will be another visit, little one! Hugs to Deb, too!

  2. A lovely, newsy post =)
    Poor little Audrey-you miss have a partner in crime, yes?
    Perhaps another moth (icky) would make her feel better!
    Cali, you are so beautiful! What a sweet girl.
    I love your white dishes. My Dad gave me a set of the the white corelle dish set (they look similar to yours) a few years ago.
    Love the print behind your coffee cente!
    Sending prayers for the animal shelter.
    Have a great Saturday!

  3. I love newsy posts like this. I love your coffee center and all you white dishes are lovely. Poor Audrey, she does miss her playmate! Enjoy your weekend and I'm praying for your shelter. Such hard economic times here too! xo Linda