Monday, August 20, 2012

A shower for Bradley & oh yes...CATS.

You really must be careful where you sit in our home. Sometimes, no....more like always, you will find Audrey tucked in somewhere. She sleeps either in the blanket, behind the blanket, under the blanket but never on the blanket.

She is finally back to her normal self, dear God, and not looking for Ruby anymore. Now, she looks for me.

We are done all the celebrations for the summer now and we await the birth of our second grand-child, Bradley. He will be a little brother to Riley.

There was a shower for Britt today. Riley is growing so fast, says the funniest things now like "Call me" and is on a steady mission.
She is excited to be a 'big sister'.

"One month to go, Brit."   Isn't she radiant!

Beautiful Ebony gave me a pose today. Such a darling, 14 year old pampered feline.

Toady is feeling better and back to himself again. He waits patiently while I mix up his food and prepare his medication that I pop down his throat every day. I have never once had to count all my fingers after administering his pills. He is a real gentleman. (plus I'm faster than lightening)
 He always has a sad-sack face but when he is well he is looking for attention and loves to sit close and be groomed. Tonight I did just that.

One of my busiest weeks is about to start.  Along with many cats to care for I also have homes that are pet-less to care for. The plants are the priority in these homes and like I always tell the owners..."I have been known as the cat-whisperer but never a plant-whisperer so no guarantees." They laugh and seem fine with that. Let's hope there are no orchids. :( You can be sure I work on these folks to adopt a cat. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. Brit is radiant! Fun cake for the shower. Audrey is a hoot. Happy Monday!

  2. Pretty Kitties!! So excited for a new baby and Grandson! That Riley has grown so much! Have a good week Deb! Hugs, Linda

  3. A new grand baby is something to celebrate and I know you can't wait. Mine keep me hopping and I wish I was closer to enjoy this "growing up" period. Audrey is a hoot and I think I must have been a cat in another life--I like to be cozy when I sleep, just like her. Pace yourself this week and if you do have any orchids, I'm sure they'll be just fine. They look fragile, but are more resilient than you think--after all most varieties are found in the jungle...that should say it all! XOXO

  4. cute shower photos =)
    glad to hear that Toady is feeling better. I have a soft spot
    for his sad little face!

  5. Lots of fun things going on here!
    A house is not a home without a cat...hope you can persuade your plant people!
    Jane x

  6. Great pictures and so nice with one more grandchild. The little girl is so cute. My cat Sudden also like blankets *smile*.


  7. This post was almost cuteness overload. First there's darling Audrey under her blanket, then there's darling Riley, then there's Riley's glowing Mommy, and so it goes, ending with little Toady's grumpy face. Thanks, Deb! Can't get enough of Audrey snuggling! Becky

  8. So much sweetness in all the photos! Mamma looks beautiful in that fantastic dress! Lovely!
    xo Catherine

  9. oh my gosh, i love your sweet gray kitties! my Sunday girl looks very much like them! my friend linda suggested i visit your blog, as i just posted about a new kitten we might be keeping, but it depends upon how my other cat feels about it. what are some of your tricks?!?