Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's never dull in our house. With the extra care right now of Ruby & Hugo, we have some 'worries'. One, Hugo is diabetic and things can happen and Ruby is just over surgery, just like Audrey,  and she is a lunatic and never thinks before she leaps. Hugo gets one injection a day, 1 1/2 units which is a very small dose, and that is in the evening.
Along with his grub comes the 'holy needle' but he never even notices; I'm very quick.
 Last night, things went weird. I gave him his food and his injection was nothing out of the ordinary. 3/4 of the food gone, Hugo throws up. Lots. Within 10 minutes, again. He hides. I follow him. Now I'm worried. He needs his food or his sugar levels are all over the map. I sat with him awhile. Now it's midnight. He just seemed tired and had stopped vomiting so I let him sleep. I didn't sleep at all.  I checked on him three million times and he was asleep.
Early this morning I offered him breakfast. interest. That is not like Hugo. I cracked open a can of tuna in water and sat it beside him. He raised his head, sniffed the air and laid his head back down.
"THAT'S IT...HE'S GOING TO THE VET". I called this an emergency and away we went.
Now, if you have ever experienced living with a diabetic cat you know that you often have to check the blood sugar levels. Hugo's was always reading around 15. Anything over 10 means he needs his daily insulin. In the beginning, a diabetic cat has these numbers checked every day but as you go along a check is done less often, usually every few days. You monitor by watching how much he drinks and how much he pees. Well, Hugo had it checked this morning at the vet and it was 8. The vet said "Hmm...let's talk about Hugo being in remission. What you tell me about his reaction last night could be that he did not need the insulin and his body rejected it by vomiting. He looks good, his temperature is fine, and he looks alert and his reading is too low for insulin. "Oh!"
So, he is home, no insulin tonight and we will be doing a reading on him shortly. That is a prick to the ear, the blood is then placed in a machine and a digital number gives me the reading of his sugar levels.

So now we are hoping and praying little Hugo is in remission and will be free of having to bring along his medical kit when he comes to visit. Here's hoping!

                                                               Isn't he sweet.

hugs, Deb


  1. We have a diabetic cat,Sydney. Day before last her blood sugar levels dropped.should I or shouldn't I give her evening injection? The vet was lovely and reassuring as always...but isn't it a HUGE responsibilty?!
    Sydney says "YAY" for Hugo going into remissiom! !

  2. Well, we hope, Jane but are not completely sure yet. We'll have to monitor him for awhile and take his reading every day. Yes, I find it a big responsibility and a worry. 3 people I know had diabetic cats that were taking 2 injections a day. One day they did a reading and it was down to 1. Stayed there from then on. No more insulin. Just like that. I hope that happens to your Sydney. Deb

  3. We're definitely purring that Hugo is in remission.

  4. That is nerve wracking.
    Hope Hugo is feeling better after all the excitement.
    I agree with Sweet Purrfections =)

  5. Oh that was scary but the results sound promising. Sending big ole sweet hugs his way!

  6. Fingers crossed for darling Hugo (and his humans) - he so looks like my beloved Zebby, only Hugo is more active!

  7. Hugo is very handsome, and we are glad that he is getting some rest and feels better.

    julie and Poppy Q

  8. Hugo is a sweetheart and I'm glad to hear he didn't need the insulin and hopefully it stays that way.


  9. I didn't know a cat can be remiss when it comes to diabetes. I thought it was condition that stays forever. I suppose it is very rare to go into remission but if it happens, that's good to read - especially good for Hugo. Have fun in Newfoundland; I envy you your journey!

  10. My own kitty never quite went into remission, but she was diabetic for years before I even heard that getting her off dry food might do it. I did get several fosters after that though and many of them did. it can be a little light playing hot potato making sure things are balanced just right, but my fingers are crossed that Hugo makes it right quick!

  11. Really hope Hugo is in remission!!!

  12. You had always hoped that you could get Hugo's sugar under control by diet. Me thinks you've succeeded!
    Hurrah for Hugo but we are throwing in some prayers for good measure. Love to all.