Saturday, August 4, 2012

Preparing for some fun

From my comments, I realize that some new followers are not aware that I have a cat-sitting business and think all the cats I photograph are mine. I cat-sit for 75 homes in the Carleton Place area so my kitty-clients are up in the hundreds. Naturally, I photograph some beauties for you. At home, I am owned by 6 felines and a Sheltie.  That's over my limit but I am an easy mark.

It's not fun shopping in 40 C with humidity but time is moving along here.  I finally found my outfit, jewellery, shoes and bag..Fabulous!  A wedding  takes some preparations even if the wedding is very 'intimate' and on a cliff in Newfoundland. I have never seen that part of the country although I have been to Nova Scotia twice. I'm getting excited for my daughter and soon- to- be son-in-law who I will meet in St. John's on Thursday night. And, this gal needs a little holiday.
It is the most easterly edge of North America.
Where the sun rises first.
The land of rich history and natural wonders. Best known for it's whale watching and the perfect place for hiking and kayaking. And look at these homes...colour everywhere. I'll take you along on my visit.

I had a fun play-time with Nico today.
He is a hoot and loves company. He was adopted from our local shelter by his wonderful owners and now has the perfect (in this case, purr-fect)  home. Who in their right mind would have given this guy up? Oh well...after 30 years of being some-what involved in cat rescue,  I've heard it all.

Cat-tip-for-the-day - add ice cubes to your cats water in this heat. Especially if they are outdoor cats. Interest in the ice-cubes will make them drink more.

We are sweltering here. I'm off to cat-sit and then drop by the spot where the ferals will make their way for some cold water and food. Poor things.

hugs, Deb


  1. Nico looks like a real character.

    The wedding plans must be exciting, and we can't wait to hear about Newfoundland, as we know nothing about it.

    Wish we could have some hots.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Have fun! Can't wait to see THE outfit!

  3. My hubby has taken a business trip there several years ago, but your photos make me want to travel there myself. I'm missing my Bailey so much, but coming to your blog and seeing your lovely clients helps. XOXO

  4. Nico is the most adorable kitty! Goodness! Such unique markings and those big, luminous eyes! And he's got a lovely personality too! It's a wonder if he spent more than an hour in the shelter. Most of my cats are on the less attractive side but have amazing personalities. The were the ones passed by for cats with less personality but more eye catching looks.
    What an amazing spot to be married! Gorgeous, meaningful setting. Such a lovely way to start ones
    "together" life. I think I'm tearing up!

  5. Deb - I'm so jealous. Newfoundland is on my bucket list. We were just talking about it last night. I've been everywhere down east except NFLD. I'm hoping to plan a trip in the next couple of years. Actually I'd love to retire there but would miss family. I hope all goes well with the wedding - they couldn't have picked a more perfect site. J

    PS Thanks for your help with my cat Finn. I think we have the peeing problem stopped. No health issues. Vet prescribed anti-depressants but he only got one. He was just a little zombie and I won't do that to him.

  6. What interesting faces your "kitties of the day" have!

  7. What a breath taking view for a wedding! I cannot wait to see pics of it. Gosh those kitties looked so cute in the last post with all their little markings and have some very attractive clients,Deb :) My cats also are "helpers??" in bed making/destroying and think this ritual is solely for their fun LOL~~Have a blessed week and hope the cooldown from Mich wafts your way too,Sue Rosie and Topaz.