Thursday, August 2, 2012

And that's that.

Someone is in trouble around here.

Sierra spends much of her time on our front porch either waiting for the mailman or working as our 'greeter'.
This is the permanent expression on her face. She gives out kisses to everyone.

She's just always there and I hardly ever think about it. She never leaves our property. Never! She comes in before dark and heads out after breakfast. All that was just dandy until a few weeks back when I had to rescue a chipmunk from her grimy little paws. It must have ventured up to the front lawn and she just scooped it up. I, in turn, scooped her up and made her drop it. She was some mad at me but wore that same expression.

Yesterday was the clincher. I found a pile of bird feathers beside the porch. No bird; just the feathers. She did not seem to need dinner. I know this will upset some of you, it upset me, too. I can't stand to see anything hurt or killed. It drives me nuts.. I had to make a decision.
I realize cats are cats but here is where I feel guilty. I feed the wild-life in the back-yard under our apple tree. I place seeds and fruit there every other day. It is enjoyed by many birds, squirrels and chipmunks.
I didn't realize that at 10 years of age, our lazy, predictable Sierra would bother to hunt them down. She never was a hunter in her younger days.
I almost put a bird-bath in the yard this year. Glad I didn't.

Once a cat gets the taste of it there is no turning back. So, there's no changing Sierra now. There will not be any seeds, apples, berries or peanuts under our tree anymore. Sorry birdies, the drive-thru is now closed. Just keep flying, don't look back.

Sierra will be watched much closer now.
A cat's a cat and that's that.

It's a busy weekend ahead. I have 6 tuxedos to care for plus I am monitoring Audrey very closely. It looks like the antibiotics are doing their job but she still has swelling. I also have lots of non-cat related appointments and shopping to do. Plus I want to lose 10 pounds this weekend :-b. It is so hot here that it is hard to do anything outside. We were out at our property and if it wasn't for the 50 large Maples, we'd a died. Kane knew where to rest.
I am looking forward to the Fall already as this summer has been unbearable.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's too darn hot. And dry! I've been in the kitchen sweltering. Wishing for a breeze.
    My cats are indoor cats but still manage to catch the odd mouse on the screened in patio. Cats are cats. Their natural instinct makes 'em do it. Nothing you can do about it!

  2. Mine only go out with me now. And even at that, Isabella managed to kill 3 birds and maim several lizards! Glad Audrey is doing better. Try to stay cool!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Just look at Sierra's sweet, innocent face!!! "Who me?" Every now and then, I find a neighbors cat stalking the critters in the garden. I put out the buffet first thing in the morning. Teddy, Cassie and now, Mina -- keep watch on the action and if THE cat shows up, I'm at the door! Stay cool. I have entered my UGHUST hibernation and time to watch the tropics for hurricanes.

  4. Our cats are all indoor cats,for their safety and the safety of local wildlife (bears excluded!). I've seen the speed at which they can expertly disect a mouse, so indoors we stay!
    Jane x

  5. I take my three cats outside every morning for an hour or so. Even though I watch them, they are able to stalk animals. Thankfully, the only time I had to deal with that is when Sunny caught the two baby wood ducks recently. I feel that for the cats to get outside every day is a "quality of life" issue.

  6. Oh Sierra! My Mom's cat who is indoor/outdoor hunts and we hate it but Mom does not feed birds so that helps some. Hope Audrey is feeling better soon. Hugs, Linda