Thursday, August 2, 2012

A birthday

I was cleaning up the pantry and came across this little packet of seeds that had dropped down behind a basket and never thought of again.

 I love daisies and am stopped dead in my tracks when I see one.

We celebrated a special birthday this week at our favorite little pub. My daughter, Jess turned 30. "Yikes", says momma who feels very old right now.
Jess and Riley
My Banana Cake with Vanilla icing and fresh strawberries on the side. It got 2 thumbs up.

 Marriage plans are in the air. So, we'll be gaining a son. And we couldn't be happier. :-)

Looks like I'm heading to Newfoundland soon.

Audrey is coming along with her healing. We have a ways to go but she is such a good little patient. She is in lock-down during the day and then she'll be out of the spare room all evening and in our bedroom at night.. I've given her lots of cardboard boxes to play in and she is customizing their look as I type this. 

Drop over to to see her wonderful article on 'What to look for in a cat-sitter'.



  1. I love daisies too -- such a happy flower. Happy Birthday to Jess and congrats on gaining a son -- soon! Lovely shot of the two of them. Busy lady! Exciting times for you and yours. Hugs--

  2. Lots of exciting things going on!
    Sending healing hugs for little Miss Audrey.
    Jane xx

  3. Your Jess is a beauty and happy birthday to her! That new son isn't bad looking himself...congrats. Glad Audrey is healing. Daisies are my 30 year old daughters favorite flower! hugs, Linda

  4. Daisies were one of my daughter Kelly's favorites--she had me "hot glue" silk ones around her mortar board when she graduated from college! The cake looks absolutely delicious...must keep in mind the next time I have aged bananas. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Jess and I'm glad Audrey is on the mend. XOXO

  5. That last picture is great! Like a picture out of a clothing catalog with two beautiful models.

    The banana cake sure looks yum too!!