Thursday, August 16, 2012

The morning rituals

The weather is a little less humid and hot so I am back to regular walks after breakfast with Kane. We passed by this guy lounging on his step. I think he was posing for me. When I walk the dog I pass by many, many cats in our area. I found it so odd to not see one cat while visiting Newfoundland.

Since we`ve had the hottest summer on record, I`m looking forward to Fall. I like cool evenings to walk the dog and maybe have a little fire going in the wood-stove when we get back. We haven`t seen the cats cuddling up much lately because of the heat so it was nice to see Lily and Mr.Ed snuggled up in the corner of the couch last night.
They used to be inseparable; to the point I worried about what would happen if one should pass on. Ed is 24 and Lily will soon be 18. Lately, they don`t cling to each other so much. They did enjoy the morning sun together, though.
 I`m keeping Sierra in more since I found the result of her newly-found hunting skills. CATS!!! She doesn`t seem to care as long as she gets to sit on her porch all morning waiting for the mailman.

I'm so in love with the cats I am cat-sitting this week. They are all real charmers. All my clients have graciously offered me access to their beautiful vegetable gardens while they travel. Awesome! We have been feasting from our daughter's garden the last 2 weeks. Best green beans ever. There is nothing like home-grown.
Audrey and Ruby played with a green bean on the floor last night for an hour and then devoured their treasure with great gusto. After breakfast, Audrey is now requesting her boxes to be stacked.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sweet babies! When we had a garden, our cat (Ditto) loved for us to snap peas and he would eat the ones that shot across the room!
    My little 11 yr old mini doxie loves green bean, canned, cooked or raw!
    You are blessed to be enjoying fresh veggies!

  2. Hi Deb - just wanted to give you an update on Finn. I tried your suggestions and he is no longer peeing in the house (except in his litter box ;). We had him checked out at the vet and there are no health issues. I do think the peeing may have started either as anger when he wasn't allowed outside or his holding it expecting to go out and then not being able to make it downstairs. I keep him locked in one room at night with food and litter and he always goes. I have found his little friend Lucy pushing him out of the other litter box mid-use. I don't know if she was always doing this and was the problem or if she started doing it when he got in trouble for peeing and thought he shouldn't pee in the house at all. Hard to figure out their little minds but we have a compromise that works. Hopefully it will continue in the winter too. If not, I have found him a good home on a farm. Thanks J

  3. I would love to have access to a garden =)
    I do like to see Lily and Mr. Ed canoodling !
    Lovely to see such a spoiled Audrey in her stackable bed.

  4. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love to see cats snuggling together. Since I only have one right now I don't get to see that. Gorgeous cat on the step. And that Audrey . . . she's something else! Hope you get cooler weather soon. I've been telling myself all summer I WILL NOT complain about cold weather this winter, ha--we'll see! Becky

  5. I always worry about your Ed and Lily too! Seeing them cuddle always brings a tear of joy to my eye ( yes, after all this time, it still does).
    I think your daughters wedding is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Lots of happy tears shed seeing this beautifull young standing on the point surrounded by natures loveliness. Oops, here come those tears again!

  6. I love to see Mr Ed and Lily snuggle! Oh that Audrey, she is a handful for sure! Hugs,Linda

  7. I spent a minute skimming your beautiful summer posts. Congratulations to you and your daughter! I saw the PERFECT egg breakfast!!!! I love the warmth here. I'm so glad you had time to pop over my way. Your comments always make me feel so good! xx

  8. Almost as handsome as your Mr. Ed.

    So wonderful that his senior years are spent in a beautiful environment, and not a shelter.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams