Monday, August 6, 2012

It's thunderin'

Well, I thought I was done shopping for the wedding at the Rock but I wasn't. I decided yesterday to go shoe shopping again. And yes, I found a pair in silver with a small clutch and now I'm all set. Well, I think so, anyway. And I bought another pair of earrings that are 'just right'. That is 5 pair that I bought. I need 10 ears so I can make sense, here.
We did not have thunder with our rain yesterday but this house is 'thunderin' since Ruby arrived.  They are having a blast but once again, under supervision.  That's not easy, you know.  It brings me back to when the kids were small and I'd catch them tearing about, jumping over furniture knowing someone was going to end up with an egg on their head. I do what I can.
Is this not the face of pure mischief...

Hugo's here,  too but he is nicknamed 'the sloth' and saunters about like time is on his side. He loves to sleep and that he does. He loves the back deck and heads there as soon as he arrives.
Audrey is healing up beautifully. The swelling is almost gone and the meds have taken care of the infection with very little side-effects. She gets tired though and heads to her favorite box.
I just close the door when she wants rest and she snoozes for hours. 

I said "so long" to all my tuxedo friends last night. They were such a nice group of cats to care for. I had lots of fun and look forward to seeing them again sometime.

My two favorite tabby brothers, Bud and Chase need care now so I'll pamper them for awhile. I love these fellas.

Are you having a heat-wave? We had a bit of rain but not enough to make a difference. Today it is cooler but I doubt that will last. Bring on the Fall, please.

I'm dreaming of jeans & cardigans and woolly socks and I don't care who gets upset. I've had it with this heat. I want to get back to 5km walks.

hugs,  Deb


  1. I certainly know what you mean about the has finally cooled here in Michigan and I love 70 degrees!
    love to hear about all the kitties. My oldest is squeaking at me...she thinks it is meal time. Better go give some food and pets.
    Have a cool day!

  2. We are 'over' the heat of high summer as well and thankful for a day or two of cooler temps and rain.
    Audrey has such a classically lovely catty face!

  3. Love seeing Ruby! Every year when summer arrives here, I wish for Fall! It helps that I look at it as my hibernation time! Some hibernate in winter. I *hide* in summer! Are your ears pierced???? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Forget I even thought it.) Hugs----

  4. We had a bit of heat this weekend, but with no humidity it was quite nice. I just love seeing the cats. I know why the apron chose you--after losing Bailey, I still get to share in the antics of cats with personalities and a wonderful woman who narrate it. XOXO

  5. Yea, Ruby's back!! More games of kitty chase and late night fun!

  6. Such beautiful cat faces. Bring on fall, as long as it is a proper fall - crisp, fresh air, autumn colours and the sun shining brilliantly in a beautiful blue sky, making diamonds sparkle in the early morning frost, the bushes laden with wild berries which glow like jewels..long walks and a cup of hot chocolate to warm your hands afterwards. I think it may be my favourite season!

  7. Oh I really want it.

  8. What a great post! I just love all of these tootie-patooties. Ruby really grabs my heart, what a character. I am so glad that Audrey is doing so much better.

    We are under cloudy skies, had rain earlier, but it's still hot and humid out there. I am thankful for the a.c. and am most definitely looking forward to autumn, which probably won't happen for us until sometime in Nov. Sigh!

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  9. Here in Sweden we have had no or very little heat this summer and rain most every day :(
    So you can send some of that heat over here , please :)
    LOVE Ruby´s mischief face :)

  10. It's cooled to the 80s this week and we're happy with that.