Monday, August 6, 2012

Eat your veggies & chattin' with Ruby. What? You don't talk to your cats?

Here I am in my daughter Jess' s vegetable garden.
 This is her first attempt at vegetable gardening and it was a definite success. I came home with swiss chard, onion, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber & fresh tomatoes are on our vines at home so we are about to have a great salad & rice dish. There's watermelon here, too. I've been feasting on her garden for awhile. It's been wonderful.

Look at the view from her back-yard.
There are chickens and baby pigs next door.

This zucchini is going in a stir-fry.
Back home, Ruby helped me dust and re-organize some dishes in the dining-room.
I think she actually wanted a day of rest today. It was nice to see her on drive instead of over-drive. She is such an affectionate little thing. She sat and watched while I dusted away and chatted with her. I told her all about caring for her when she was first born and brought to my home, along with her mom and siblings,  from our local animal shelter. The babes were all of 2 days old.   She was fascinated.
Here's what she looked like once grown a bit.
I got absolutely nothing done and had to be dragged out of the 'kitten room' daily.

I have too many dishes but then I am a dishaholic.*head hangs low* I need help. :[

This was a $12 tea-pot I found at a thrift store. Now how in the world could I have left that behind?
                          It sits in the center of this cabinet like it is the Queen of China. :-b

Those little white egg cups were a gift from one of my sweet clients who said she saw them and knew I had to have them. I love that.
So the long-weekend is over. Before we know it the Fall will be here. No complaints from me, though.
Hope you had a great day.
hugs, Deb


  1. The garden is amazing!
    What a sweet helper is Ruby =)
    I must fess up that I talk to my kitty brats
    on a fairly constant basis (ahem!)
    They can be such good listeners...sometimes

  2. I can't believe you got any dusting done with that little sweetie sitting there just waiting to be pet and loved! LOL!
    xo Catherine

  3. Oh my goodness. All that goodness. What a beautiful garden and I love the new t-pot and, of course, we can't forget Ruby. What a sweet little kitten whose looking quite pretty growing up..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. Ruby is so cute in all the photos you have of her!! And those zucchini really look so yummy.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

  5. Of course I talk to my Emma,she talks to me it would be rude if I didn't discuss verything with her. I love your blog, I am now a follower. Also a Canadian, but living in California. Our temp today was 107 when I went out.

  6. This post made me kind of teary. I used to tell my cat, Sarah, the story of how I caught her and all we went through to get her well. She always listened right through to the end. She was a great friend for 12 yrs. and passed away last year. I still miss her terribly. On a happier note, your daughter has an amazing first garden! ~ Maureen

  7. That garden is amazing! I would never have guessed it was a first year gardener! I wonder what next years garden will look like! wow!

    Very sweet of you to tell Ruby her story. She's such a sweetie!!

  8. Wat à lovely garden en fresh vegatables are the greatest. I love your cat. We used to have cats but no more and I miss them.

  9. Jess has a wonderful garden! Ruby looks so much like her Momma and it's nice that she visits with you. Of course I talk to the kitties ... they like it! I like it! Hugs--

  10. P.S A girl can never have enough dishes .....

  11. I always chat to my cats...if I ask for their opinion on something,they'll always give it!
    Jane x

  12. how wonderful that garden is ! and of course I talk to my cats ...I even sing to them...poor things !! Gail x

  13. I fell in love with Ruby the minute you brought her, the sibs and mama kitty home. Now three of them are a regular part of your life and ours! What a face that Ruby has and of course I talk to my cat!! Love the garden and fresh veggies. Hope you are having a great week. Hugs, Linda

  14. I was just telling my sister how much I missed having a vegetable garden--all the evergreens here in the Pacific NW does not make for a sunny enough spot on our property to produce the kind of vegetables you have grown:-) However, we do have fabulous farmer's markets, so I support them.
    Let me say, you'll never hear from me that you have too many dishes! I'm also a "dishaholic" and if there is ever a support group, I'll probably be right there! XOXO