Monday, March 23, 2015

A not-so-Spring-like weekend.

Our weather has been nothing short of a nightmare for anyone excited to welcome in Spring. It snowed all day on Saturday with a few intervals of rain. It's been cold, damp & windy.

Sunday morning started out at -15C but we did have lots of sun.

It was a good weekend to get some cooking done in my teeny kitchen. I have an addition to show you that I think will make working in this small space a little easier.   We have installed IKEA cupboards, which we really like, but I could not get used to digging in a cupboard for my pots and pans. I am used to having an island at the old house where pots were in close reach so adding a small pot rack was the answer. Plus it freed up a valuable cupboard.

My daughter and her partner were over for dinner on Sunday. Roast beef with all the trimmings for the guys (including Kane) and veggie lasagna, cole-slaw & steamy-hot rolls for the non-meat eaters.
Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing for dessert.
And tea. Always tea.
The cooks in their kitchen.
Still waiting on a kitchen counter.

Our first dinner guests at the mouse-house.

So, we hope for more spring-like weather this coming week.
We need more sun to thaw the earth and keep the kitties warm.
We need to hear the Spring birds arrive and see the first of the crocuses appear.
We need longer days.
There is so much beauty to look forward to and we are all more than ready to welcome it.

"Where are you, Spring?"

"We long to see you again."

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh now that's not good snow and cold YUK ! We had rain on Sat but sunny sky's on Sunday mind you it was chilly . This morning it is chilly out got frost and the sun is shining , I find the weather down here in Southwestern Ontario is much different as in warmer from where you are in Eastern Ontario , Lovely photos and supper looks and sounds delish . Glad you had a nice visit with your first house guests . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Those bunnies at least look very Spring-like.
    If you're cooking up meals on that scale, you must be feeling pretty settled in your new nest!

  3. HeHe! I'm a bit concerned....?
    Lovely snowy scene from the window..Lovely
    photo of Sierra snoozing...Lovely little kitchen..
    Lovely food...And, lovely bunny rabbits...! :).

    Now! Now! It's been eight days...And...And....
    NO! Audrey! HeHe! Last time we saw her..was
    up on top the fridge...Did she ever get down!
    Audrey! Where are you...! Bless! Her!x

  4. It's officially a home in the kitchen and having company! Looks delicious! We put Ikea cabinets in our new kitchen and I love them, too!
    Freezing cold here...looks like it could snow as it's plenty below the freezing mark and very gray! Brr!

  5. Here..also..same same..and so brisk!
    I do love your little collections..the sheep etc..
    Breaking in the dining area w/ family:)

  6. Oh yum, your dinner sounds delicious, especially the dessert! Loved seeing Sierra resting in a sun puddle in your mouse-house. Blessings, Jo

  7. Come for a visit to North Carolina--everything is springing up and the trees are bursting with color, XOXO

  8. Deb, it does seem endless for you this year - I'm praying and hoping this will be the very last week of wintry weather for you!

    Love your kitchen and the pot rack - and even in our smaller kitchens we manage to come up with awesome meals from the warming red casserole pots, don't we?

    Love the animals - real and faux!
    Hang in there - keep your boots at the ready, flip flop days may be awhile yet!
    Hugs - Mary

  9. If we all could sleep like Sierra until Springs gets here...

  10. Your bunnies are so cute. I like the new pot rack and the food looks delicious. We've had a day or two of warm sunny days but lately very cool, cloudy days. In the 30's at night. Unusual for here, at the end of March.

  11. The mouse house is looking quite like a home. Spring, meanwhile, seems quite elusive.

  12. Your kitchen is so cozy!
    Hoping you see some signs of spring soon.

  13. A good day to have family over for dinner. Spring hard to come some day....right?...

  14. Sorry, spring 'has' to come some day...

  15. It looks like wonderful food and delighted guests for Sunday!

    The idea to use a pot rack is great and it's just the right size and shape - perfect!

    I hope your spring will come soon...


  16. Sierra knows the best spots in the house Deb - she follows the sun!
    The pot rack is a great idea for a small kitchen and convenient too.
    Yummy food and what a lovely collection of rabbits, I especially love the last one, he's gorgeous with his blue hat and Easter basket full of eggs!
    I've had so much trouble trying to leave a comment on lots of blogs - frustrating - I'm writing a post to see if any one else is having the same issues.

  17. It looked like spring here for a few days, but it's back to cold temps. The ice is out of the river, so that's encouraging. At least the cold weather means less mud to cope with on my way to the chicken coop. Still, I do long for that first snowdrop to bloom!