Thursday, March 5, 2015

Changing things up.

Did you know that there are sites that teach you how to call crows to your backyard? I can't imagine how many would arrive if I stood outside calling them. haha! I have given the crows the spot where my feeders were and have moved the feeders to another tree. Already I see the little birds returning. I had a beautiful cardinal show up this morning.
I hear that crows are known to bring trinkets to their feeders. I'll have to watch for that. Sparkly bracelets would be appreciated. :)

This is the view from our dining table at 7 a.m.
It's cold again today but the sun is shining bright.

I've been playing again.

My gran on her 90th birthday.
She lived on this property most of her life.

Sierra & the retired-guy enjoying the morning sun.

Time to get back to decorating. 

Hugs, Deb


  1. Looks like you've settled right in.......the hutch looks wonderful!! Why would anyone want to call crows!!!

  2. All looking good ! Our family of crows namely George who talks to me and our Miggs they both communicate he squawks at her and she barks at him he even knows his name when I call him . I am so pleased for you to have the wonderful birds and nature with in your reach it is an amazing thing each and every day and I feel so blessed with ours here in our yard and valley ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Love the picture of Sierra and the retired guy in your sweet little home. Your hutch looks lovely filled with blue and white pieces.

    Happy Decorating ~ FlowerLady

  4. Love your cupboard full of blue and white! I had an awful time keeping the black birds/crows from eating all my seed. The backyard folks told me to switch to safflower seed, the songbirds love it but the crows and squirrels don't. That was years ago and it's worked!

  5. Beautiful photos, Deb. The sun is shining here in Montreal is well but the weather is frigid! We had several water main breaks, causing flooding and ice in several areas here. I do love the winter and I have to say that we haven't had it this cold in about 25 years. :)

  6. You've already made your new home so warm and cozy. The cupboard is beautiful. Deb, I'm still hoping that Smokey will grow up to look like Audrey, although there could NEVER be another Audrey. There is a little something in Smokey's latest picture that reminds me of Audrey. :)

  7. Your pictures of your ever-changing cupboard inspired me to re-arrange one of my own. Your new digs look comfy indeed.

  8. I admire crows,they're incredibly intelligent and wonderful parents.
    Jane x

    1. They are very intelligent and funny. When I go outside they head for the high branches to watch me and size me up.

  9. Your mouse-house looks so bright & cozy. And the cupboard looks right at home. You may have to re-name the blog "Just Cats and Tea-cups...and Crows"! The town where I live is known for its crow population, but I haven't seen them at my feeders. I've heard they prefer corn to seeds and I see them a lot in cornfields. Maybe they're one of those "facts of life in the country" that will take some time to get used to.

  10. Sierra seems to like the view from that nook!

  11. What a warm and lovely picture in the morning sun. Love this Deb!

  12. Looking Good, Deb!


  13. Oh, it's looking so nice! Love it! Love that you have a picture of your gran there. So appropriate. I didn't know that about the crows...sounds like magpies to me. But I guess magpies would take the bracelet instead of bring it. haha.

  14. The hutch looks perfect there, thank goodness it fit!!! Love all your blue and white, and how dear to have a photo of your grandmaman right there.
    Good luck with those feisty crows.

  15. I am vicariously enjoying this transition in your life...:-) So happy for you , as you know, home is where your heart is....and you are home..

  16. Crows and all the crow family are very intelligent birds!
    I know l mentioned eating rooks, when l get them from my
    next door neighbour, who's a gamekeeper! They are classed
    as vermin! Still!

    Don't need to worry about your trinkets from crows Deb......
    Think you'll find that's magpies...! Though nothing has
    been proven...Can you imagine one flying round the garden,
    with a bracelet around it's neck! :).

  17. Looks like things are shaping up in the new place, Deb. That picture of Sierra and the retired guy looks so cozy...

  18. Deb, I thought of you when I saw this! It's an amazing story about crows and little gifts!

  19. You're settling in quite nicely. My four cats love the sunshine too! XOXO

  20. I talk to my garden crows all the time! :) I saw a documentary on them that showed they can recognize faces!

    Your cozy home looks lovely.