Friday, March 20, 2015

My favorite coffee mug on this first day of Spring.

Mary at asked us this morning to show off our favorite coffee mug so I though I'd play along. This is a pottery mug that I paid full price for (no thrifting here) because it was love at first sight. I always have my freshly-ground coffee with a little milk in this each morning.

Have you met Mary? If you love beautiful photography (and I mean Beautiful), gorgeous decorating and lots of  fancy, feathered friends you must pop over to visit her blog. 

I love the leaf design on this mug.

It's a dull day today but the snow is melting and that's fine with me. The only down-side for us is that all the mess from the construction will soon be visible once again. There is a pile of rocks, a pile of dirt and the old logs from the chicken coop need to be moved to the back of the property. I guess I'll have to be patient until the second phase of our building is complete.

Today is the first day of Spring. I'm hoping the snow will be gone soon.

 Yesterday the sun shone and the kitties enjoyed a nap in a sun-puddle.
We are using an old farm-house table for now. Lots of wear and tear but I like the history it holds. 

Annie showing off her funny airplane ears.

I'm off to the feeders then heading out for a walk. I think I see the sun peaking out. :)

"Happy Spring."
hugs, Deb


  1. The kitties obviously are enjoying that sunshine!

    That is a nice coffee mug!

  2. Cute mug ! My favorite coffee mug has a painting of Holstein cows in a field . My tea cups have blue and orange butterfly's with wild flowers . It is nice and sunny down here today and temps are +6 so far going up to +8 . Lovely photos . Happy First day of Spring , oh our Chipmunk is out and about now . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  3. Oh, those sun puddles! They're simply wonderful. What a lovely day for you!

  4. Annie's airplane ears are just too cute~

  5. A hard table surface becomes eider down if the sun is shining on it...

  6. Aw... I love seeing those little girls getting naps in the sweet, warm sunshine. Precious.
    Blessings upon all at the mouse house for a wonderful spring.

  7. I can see how that would be a favorite coffee mug. I have a large brown mug that holds probably two regular cups of coffee. I love that bunny rabbit! Hope spring gets to your place soon. : )

  8. Kitties enjoying a sun puddle always make me smile and my heart go all gooey =)

  9. I'm with Maggie, above! Especially a big, black cat with sun-warmed furrs...ahhhh!

  10. I love things that have history. I have an old table that I want to do over with the Annie Sloan chalk paint but I'm afraid a new finish will erase its past.
    I have a new favorite tea mug just about every week, My all timer is a cheap Christmas mug with a blurry illustration of cats, made in China, cost 1$. Makes the best tasting tea! Better than my Staffordshire!

  11. It's snowing here! (SOB!) Have a great weekend. We need to get together!! After I come back from Greece? Do you want to meet the Greek kitties?

    1. We are so looking forward to seeing your sanctuary. Yes, as soon as you get back we'll make some plans. Gary wants to visit, too. Maybe Sue and .her hubby would like to come. I'm really looking forward to it

  12. Hi, I found your blog because you had commented on my friend Mary's blog (A Breath of Fresh Air). I, too, brake at blue and white china. I have two dogs now and have had three others that lived long lives like your dog. I had a beloved cat for 18 1/2 years but don't think my two dogs now would welcome a cat to the household. You have a wonderful blog.

  13. Deb - My favorite coffee mug, the one I use every day, was given to me by my youngest son twenty-some years ago. On the front ten men characters are pulling on a rope. It says: "They finally found something that does the work of 10 men.... (turn the cup around) woman." The men are all struggling mightily, the woman is gently tugging with one hand. I love it. Happy Spring!

  14. I like the one that has leaf design.