Monday, March 16, 2015

African Violets

I have been caring for my mother's African Violets since she gave them to me years ago. Unfortunately, this move to the country seems to have damaged them. What I'm not sure of is whether they got frost-bite from the house to the car or perhaps the change of water has harmed them. Never have I seen their leaves like this. We are on a well now so the water is harder than city water. Perhaps that, too, is a shock to these little plants.

I'll have to get to the bottom of this.
I put the doors back on my step-back cupboard but prefer to see them open.

For now, this is where I do my blogging.  Just outside the window is where the little blue bird house waits for a tenant.
And someone is waiting very patiently for that new home owner to appear.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your home is looking pretty:)
    I love windows and light don't you?
    As for the violets..I keep some also and at the moment they are too pot can tell by the frowth..I have never had leaves change at the perimeter as yours have..but you can pinch them off..if the roots are fine..they should grow into healthy specimens again:)
    In the kitchen..I have southern exposure..and in that window..the leaves of my violets burn..
    They like light but not direct harsh sunlight in a window..Good luck!

  2. I've never had good luck with African Violets, so I cannot give you any good advice. Best I can do is keep my Oxalis (shamrock) plant alive from St. Patrick's Day to St. Patrick's day...but only just! I'm sure you'll find a way to get to violets looking good again, and I hope you do. Kitties love bird TV!

  3. Hopefully they recover. Sierra's looking quite content.

  4. The perimeter discolouration is strange..but, the other one ...may be from sitting behind the glass windows of a car or house...with quite a bit of sunlight shining on them for a bit ...almost like a sunburn..... pinch them off ...

  5. Gosh you have got the Mouse House looking so pretty and cozy! And the kitties must be in heaven with those wonderful windows. So sorrry about the violets. Hope you can figure out the problem.

  6. I have to agree with La Table it looks very much like sunburn to me but i'm sure that would be the case this time of year.... perhaps frostbite would mimic sunburn this time of year... I know you'll figure it out.. :) Hugs! deb

  7. Wow, it didn't take long for the mouse-house to become home, did it? It looks wonderful and cosy.

  8. Your dining area looks so cozy and sweet!! The leaves look like sunburn or frostbite.....but you can cut those leaves off and new ones will grow, they do not like sunlight esp. if next to the window where it gets magnified. Did you bring water from the old house?? If you did, mix it with the new water and gradually wean off the old water. Good luck!!!

  9. I didn't have any probs with my African Violets when we moved here I give mine a drop of their special food once a month the water and I give them room temp water , our water here is city water and very hard lots of calcium maybe it is the water there lacks something they were used or to much of something to or like you said could just be cause it is different water and they need time to adjust to it . Plants can be just as finicky as people or animals lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing Happy St Patty's day !

  10. I love your new home! I don't have much luck with African Violets, but I do have one in my kitchen window. The leaves next to the window that get the brightest sun do get those brown dried out looking spots. I had to laugh thinking about Audrey flying off the refrigerator.

  11. I can't grow anything with fuzzy or purple leaves (seriously).
    Great reference site for violet problems:

  12. I'm thinking it's too much light on your violets. It looks sort of like a burn. I'm with the others ... pinch the leaves off. They should be fine. Sierra is going to make a good land lord! :)
    Hugs and purrs....

  13. Hi Deb...
    All good advice from your peeps...
    I would clip off the damaged leaves...and hope for the best!
    Your place is looking great!!
    So bright and cosy...
    I have lots of birds back, and even Red has hauled away a few apple cores!!
    enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  14. Oh, I adore your mouse house, Deb. I do. The dining room looks just perfect. What a lovely place.

    Is it possible that Sierra is getting even cuter? She seems to be ever since you move to the new house! Not kidding! Beats me?

    I hope you can sort out the violet problem. I might guess it is too strong of light in your new home? Are they getting the same light exposure there? If it took weeks for it to appear after your move I wouldn't think it was the cold temperature of moving. If it happened immediately in just a couple of days, then I would think it was the cold maybe. Best wishes for figuring it out.


  15. My African Violets always do well with morning light but not afternoon direct sun...if that helps any. Funny though, that first picture makes them look variegated. ha.
    Hope they perk up...maybe the new leaves will come back with new vigor.

  16. I vote with frostbite on the violets! And your place is looking so lovely and warm and cozy!!

  17. I have a lovely antique African Violet stand, but can't have any while these kittens are still in the chewing stage. I have my orchids in my studio where they're not allowed, but don't have room for many more, XOXO

  18. Do you think it might be a watering or humidity issue.
    I know they hate cold and even a small amount of time outside of their preferred temperature range can cause the plant s to go into shock. I hope you can save them.

    Tom is a house-cat. He just moved to the city from the suburbs with his owner Kate and his fellow housecat, an obese white persian named Queenie. He’s bored. He’s angry. He hates his life.
    He wants to go outside more than anything, but for reasons he can’t understand he isn’t being let out at his new home…
    And then one day, Queenie poops on the couch, and everything changes…

  20. I had been using Reverse Osmosis water for my violets for many years and they were beautiful. I took my R.O. unit out and used tap water and they got in VERY poor shape but it took me awhile to realize what was happening. If you can, buy R.O. water or "purified" bottled water for awhile and warm to "body" temperature. After they have recovered, add about a TBLS of vinegar to a gallon of tap water and warm. Mine sit behind a lace curtain in South windows. I had about ten plants before I changed the water. The remnants have recoverd nicely. And you can't beat Opimara brand violet food. You can order online.