Saturday, March 7, 2015

Good Saturday morning.

Good Saturday morning from Sierra.

It's a snowy morning here in Ontario, Canada. 
The feeders have been filled and the birds have arrived. Yes, the crows, too.
The retired-guy is working on his man-cave (garage) while I organize more cupboards. 
Moving in seems to go on forever.
There's a big celebration for my son tonight.
 The weekend has begun. 
Hope you have a fun one. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Good morning to you to Sierra...!x
    Where's that Audrey....Hiding! :).

    Do you know..There's something l've never mentioned.
    When l was 9~10yrs old, l had a pen~pal...I got from a
    comic l used to read...The Buster...Her name was.....
    Pat Gollinger, 9, Carlton Place, Ontario...
    We wrote to each other for a while, even exchanged photos.
    She was the same age to....!
    Goodness! Long time ago now...!

  2. Yes it is windy and snowing ever so lightly here to but the sun is also peeking out . I love the shelf and big window . Thanks for sharing have a great day !

  3. Since we been home the last six weeks, Grant has spent most of his waking hours in his man-cave too! Happy birthday to your son. Have a great celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday John and Happy Saturday....
    Enjoy the get together...
    Don't eat too much cake!

  5. Pretty shot of Sierra! Have a great day and celebration party.. Happy weekend!

  6. Lovely picture of Sierra, but it made me wonder -
    Yesterday I watched a video on YouTube that consisted entirely of cats tumping things off of tables, counters, window ledges.
    Miss Sierra must be a cat of remarkable manners or else you have all those tiny objects next to her glued down.

  7. Things are looking cozy! Enjoy that birthday celebration! We've warmed up to the freezing mark so some of our snow could melt today...that will feel strange! Ha. Stay warm!

  8. I know there will be cake!! Have fun and enjoy. Soon (ish) you will be eating outside.

  9. Sierra is so sweet! Almost two years since I moved and I feel like I'm still moving in.


  10. Have fun, Deb! Sierra stands out nicely against that window.

  11. You are looking very pretty Sierra!
    What a wonderful view.
    Happy b-day to your son

  12. Wonderful windows for kitties. Sierra looks beautiful, as always.

  13. Hello pretty Sierra!

    Seeing her on the window sill made me think of when we had new windows put in and the sills had to be replaced. The carpenter asked me how wide of a sill I wanted. I looked at the biggest cat we had at the time and said "That wide.". It worked! lol

    Have a great time at the birthday celebration tonight for John!


  14. I love the nice big windows. It would be a pleasure to wash dishes there. :)

  15. Moving does seem to go on forever. You are making great progress though! Happy Belated Birthday to your Jon. blessings ~ tanna