Friday, March 13, 2015


The new rental in town is still available. There have been many interested parties flying by to take a peek but no one has inquired to tour the inside. It's an OPEN HOUSE today so perhaps we'll have some 'lookers'.
Oh, looks like a possible tenant has stopped by.

We still have some trim to install in the mouse-house and we have yet to pick out a black kitchen counter-top. Most of our time is taken up with moving more bins of 'stuff'  from our old house to the garage. It seems like a never-ending chore.

Today is over-cast with lower temps. than expected. As you can see, we have tons of  snow to get rid of. Time to fill the feeders and check the suet cakes. Lots of birds have dined at the feeders today such as Chickadee, many Downy Wood-peckers, a gorgeous pair of Mourning Doves, Tree Sparrows & Nut-hatch. No Robin sightings yet.

hugs, Deb


  1. The birds must be wondering where spring is.

  2. That looks so sweet on that tree!

  3. Makes me want a bird house to watch this spring!!

  4. I have a silly question Deb.... but i bet your the person to ask! :) When you feed peanuts to birds/ squirrels should they be roasted or raw ....or roasted and salted??? Silly know.. I'm pretty sure they should be without salt but roasted? raw? .... Thanks a bunch... deb

    1. Hi jinxxxgirl...As far as I know, roasted or raw is fine but never salted. I usually just feed the peanuts in the shell or the ones bagged for birds and squirrels.I save the salted ones to go on top of chocolate ice cream. :)))

  5. Adorable new home for your feathered friends.
    I'm a bit surprised that you're choosing a black countertop. With such a small space wouldn't you want something that reflects light rather than absorbs it?
    Looking forward to photos of the finished 'nest'.

  6. Lovely photos , I bet some one will move in the birdie house this weekend . We had sunshine for most of the day and the temps hit 10C down here , Puddles everywhere and grass greening up as lots of our snow has melted , Rain for tonight and tomorrow , I will send a few of our Robins up to you oh and our other birdies that have arrived but some of them can be a bit piggy at the feeders lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  7. I have dark blue bench tops and they show every crumb, just saying...

    You are so mind to the wildlife, I'm sure you'll get a tenant soon.

  8. I bet you don't have a vacancy for long! That little house looks perfect there!

  9. I bet that little chickadee will be back ready to move in.