Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday morn.

There is no doubt that birds become familiar with you the longer you maintain feeders for them. After filling the wooden box with berries and seeds, this little Chickadee flew up to only inches from me to have a closer look-see. I was able to move around and hold my camera up without her being disturbed.
She's a little chubby, don't you think? It could be a male but I'm in the habit of calling them 'she'. I am truly 'smitten' with these birds.

7 a.m.
There is a dusting of snow on everything this morning. I can look out the kitchen window and see that by the fresh blanket atop the bench at the Maple. We are in for another snowy day.

Sierra loves to have her breakfast on the window-sill each morning. We have a deal; half the sill is mine and half is hers. She watches bird-tv while she dines and then heads down to the garage  window for a snooze on the cat-tree. She has very precise habits; like most cats.

I switched up my critters for Spring. Bunnies, chicks and my sweet lambs will entertain the little ones when they visit. They look so sweet here and remind me that Spring weather will come.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I love how you share the window sill with Sierra! She seems to have settled in to the mouse house with ease!

  2. Sierra no doubt appreciates having the view from there.

    I imagine the birds, with a few times of seeing you around filling the feeders, remember you and have a good impression of you.

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  4. No zoom on that chickadee picture. I miss seeing black capped chickadees... i don't think i have any around here or i haven't seen them (CA). I have the little birds with red or purple on their heads... Moving to Arkansas soon i hope to see bluejays and the chickadee soon. The scrubjay in CA is pretty but i miss my crested one. I hope Jinx will be as accomodating on the window sills as your Hugs! deb

    PS.... Have i told you i have a hummingbird nesting in the little tree in my front yard...? We managed to snap a photo...she has hatched two eggs... and i posted it on the blog...If you want a look see....

  5. My favorite too, Deb....
    Have they eaten from your hand yet?
    Enjoy your weekend..
    Linda :o)

  6. I knew the birdies there would get used to you fast they enjoy our company as much as we do theirs lol ! Lovely photos . Rain for us this morning and now it is nice and sunny but windy and cold . Any takers on your bird house yet? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Deb, you always seem happy. I would be complaining about another snowy day. You are an inspiration. It's no wonder the little birds love you already.

  8. Sharing the windowsill sounds fair :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. What a wonderful photo of the chickadee! I loved that!

    It really is for sure now... Sierra is getting cuter every day at the mouse house. I loved seeing her having her breakfast on the sill.


  10. I agree with you about the birds becoming familiar with us if we keep feeders full of seed out for them . I have wondered over the years just how many generations of chickadees, Towhees, Juncos, finches, sparrows , & Grosbeaks we have fed. How many come back year after year just like their parents ? The hummingbirds will often buzz and flutter at our windows where we had hummingbird feeders the year before, reminding me that yes, they're back and where is their nectar ?

    One only really needs a window and bird seed for entertainment and contentment. Well, that and a cat to warm your lap & heart.

  11. I love the little chickadees too, Deb. That was a great pic! And I can't believe that Sierra doesn't pop those little critters right off your side of the window ledge. I'm going to have to see if our Julie would make the same deal with me.

  12. hahah... look at all the fuzzy little sheepies..... and, I have to say I love chickadees too. Hold some seed in your hand and hold it out there ... I usually rest my hand on my high patio wall.....they will eventually hop right onto your finger to get a was one of the most exciting things in my life when first happened.... some little things just amaze me.....

  13. must say... pics on my blog too if you care to have a look see ... probably just check out the labels..for chickadees...

  14. She's a sweetie! I do agree she looks rather round..maybe carrying some eggs!

  15. Spring is coming...hold on dear friend!

  16. Hello Deb. I've just popped by from Mary at Breath of Fresh Air. telling me what you put in the suet cage for the birds to take for their nests . What a lovely idea .I put wadding in mine so now taking your idea and adding some lace & bits of wool. I gather you have just moved to the country. I'll be a new follower so look out for me I'll be popping by regularly to see your birds. What you call a chickadee is a black cap here part of the tit family. I love seeing the birds here where I live in France. Enjoy the start of Spring.