Monday, March 30, 2015

Treats for all.

I love my pets and will often bring home special treats for them just because. Or, I'll break up a little something from the fridge that they enjoy and they love that, too.
Today, I hung up a special treat for my resident birds to share. A MacIntosh apple, covered with peanut butter and rolled in wild bird seed replaced the plain, 'ol apple they are used to..  Oh yum!

The sun was out today and the Chickadees were putting on quite the display. I was able to get very close to them athough they do flutter about.

They are so perfect.

I hope all the bird enjoys the treat today. And, I'm hoping coyotes don't eat apples. ;-)

Here are my three sun-worshipers.
Bold as the day is long.

hugs, Deb


  1. Nice to see the birds and cats so happy, and the rays of sunshine.

  2. Glad to see all the little birds enjoying a nice day.

    That looks like our kitchen table! There always seems to be a cat or two parked there looking out the windows. Or waiting for something to fall off the edge of a dinner plate. Ha-ha!

  3. A cat will do what a cat has to do, which is to get solar-powered...sleep.

  4. Sorry, Deb, coyotes do eat apples!
    Jane x

  5. What a yummy treat! And it looks so pretty in that apple holder!

  6. Oh I bet the birdies there just loved that . If it is high up enough the Coyotes wont get it . Love the array of kitties in the sun lol ! Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  7. That's such a special apple treat for the birdies! I'm sure they will enjoy it :-)
    Looks like kitties are enjoying the sunshine! Have a wonderful week!

  8. Cats and sunshine just seem to go together!

  9. Thank you for your kind words about Tungsten's passing. Too many of us know the pain of such an event. And don't worry about writing 'he' for Tungsten. She got that a lot - even when people knew she was a girl cat. It's why we changed Kola's name from Lola - too many uses of the female pronoun for that boy.

  10. So glad the girls are loving their sunshine! Sweeties.

    Coyotes do eat a lot of different fruit and veggies. I would think they might especially like a peanut buttered one because of the fat contain in these cold months. But I bet your apple is hung too high for them to reach - right? Enjoy the new flora and fauna of your very familiar and yet different home grounds.

    Love to all at the Mouse House,

  11. Coyotes will eat anything and everything, including birds and fruit , if they're hungry. Be sure your trash is secured because they've managed to get into mine on several occasions and drag the bags all over the street before ripping them open.