Sunday, March 15, 2015

My cats now fly & 4 beautiful Greek cats need a loving home

Since moving to our tiny dwelling, the cats have quickly learned that if they fly through the air they can pretty much land wherever they want. Sierra and Audrey are enjoying this immensely while Annie, being a little on the chubby side, does her utmost to follow suit.  I, on the other hand, find it very annoying although watching Annie's wee legs leap can be rather amusing. I've sent them down-stairs to fly around the garage all they want but it seems that without the audience it's just not as fun.

Audrey has discovered that she can watch the crows devour the food at the feeders much easier from atop the fridge. I'm ok with that until she leaps from there into the sink to 'surprise' me. I've taken to only holding hot tea in my hand while at the table.

The retired guy said to me this morning..."Better to not invite anyone here that is afraid of cats. They'll run screaming." I tend to agree.

We awoke this morning to more snow falling. Everything is once again blanketed; fresh, clean and white. This is no surprise during the month of March but we are so done with winter.
The only positive thing...all the debris from the construction is out of sight.
This Spring we'll have a lot of clean-up to do. But for now, a second cup of coffee and a blueberry scone sounds good.

Now, I'd like to send you over to a very special blog where you will meet 4 gorgeous Greek cats that will soon be in Canada and looking for a loving, forever home. Take a look at these beautiful cats and read their story. If you have been sitting on the fence about adding a fabulous feline to your family perhaps you will fall in love with one (or two) of these kitties. Off you go

Happy Sunday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Given time, maybe they'll develop those extra side flaps you see on flying squirrels!

  2. HeHe! I am sorry to hear of the cats taken to flying!
    Oh! Well....Nothing for it.....!!!
    You'll have to move......! :).

  3. Flying kitties, and they can hang from the ceiling too! They have so many amazing skills! Glad they are making the most of their new home.

  4. Love what Marty said. I was thinking the same thing. When my third rescue litter were still kittens, a few of them liked to sleep in a little huddle on top of the fridge. Warm and safe up high. A few times they startled me by leaping down to the counter where I was standing. haha.

    Annie might slim down a little after a few weeks of gymnastics! And Audrey looks quite pleased with herself!

  5. It sounds like the cats are fitting into the new place JUST FINE!! :)

  6. I could still visit, but flying cats can be dangerous for sure!

  7. Peter Pan Cats ... I can fly, I can fly!!!!
    Purrs and hugs ...

  8. DH and I learned a long time ago not to invite guests who are either afraid or allergic to cats. Our 5 cats are sure to go directly to those specific guests and sit in their laps or try to pat their faces. And as for flying cats that sit on top of refrigs... that's how we lost our one and only toaster oven years ago. It flew with the cat off the top of the refrig!

  9. heh heh know angels have wings!

  10. Oh boy! Flying cats sound like they are having fun!
    We had a big storm today with lots of snow.
    Mom is done with Winter too ;)
    Off to visit Knatolee now.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. Wow, your friend is amazing -- a trip to Greece to rescue those beautiful kitties! They are beautiful.
    And yes, hold onto your tea!!

  12. Glad you are settling in -- I know your spring will soon be here. As we drove across Ontario on Monday, we noticed the snow was less than a few days efore.

    Flying cats -- I feel very lucky I haven't had that pleasure!