Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birds galore and visitors, too.

The feeders have been very active lately and I am busy painting bird-houses to add to the trees.

Our friends Iain and Susan from by for a visit yesterday. Iain is an avid 'birder' and was able to tell me lots of interesting tid-bits on my birds.

 He showed me two downy wood-peckers that were obviously courting one another just out-side my window. The male put on quite a show fluttering his wings and dancing around.
Susan loves Chickadees, and although she attracted many to her, she was hoping to have one land on her hand. No luck this time.

We enjoyed having visitors at the mouse-house and the cats were all out to meet them.

They knew Susan, who was my walking buddy, but were very interested in Iain.
Sierra was sure to show off her flying skills as she flew over Iain's shoulder onto her favorite spot. Thankfully, Iain, too, is owned by cats and didn't run for the hills. :))

A mouse-house-warming gift from our visitors.
We are finally having Spring weather. The snow is rapidly melting and hopefully soon we'll see buds on the trees. We do have lots of mud if you need any. It's a mess out here.

hugs, Deb


  1. Looks like the cats have made the mouse house their own. Only one of my four is overly fond of company. Young or old, my Clara Jane is sure to pester any guest.

  2. It all looks so lovely.....I love visitors to!
    Except when they turn up up during the
    footy! I think they only turn up, for tea
    and fruit cake...! Always nice to see them

    And...And...Audrey! Bless! HeHe! It's been
    10 days...I was gonna put out an APB.....!x
    Nice to see you...How longs your parole!!!! :).

  3. Friends + birds + cats = so much love!

  4. What a lovely fun! Love the little gift! Aw.

  5. Deb, how fun to have friends over to visit the mouse house. So that's where Audrey has of the fridge! Glad they all came out to play. So many pretty birds, I miss seeing them where I live now.

  6. Always good to have company. The cats seem in good spirits.

  7. How much fun to learn more about your birdie friends from an expert! AND an Audrey sighting too! WIN!

  8. I love the garden birds of wild here, we always care for them, placing our dryer lint out for them to help them build a warm cosy nest for there spring babies.
    Feeding 40 pounds of seed every couple of months or less, and setting out apples dipped in peanut butter and seeds for a treat.

    Love your mouse house name.... There was a shop here that we would love shopping that was called the mouse-house and it was a great shop. So as you see your name the mouse house is intriguing.

    Loved my bird watching visit here with you.

    See you soon.

    Much inspiration and a beautiful weekend ahead of you.


  9. Lovely photos ! I am glad you all had nice visit oh good to have a birder there I bet you all had fun with your birdies ! I love building and painting bird houses . What a cute gift . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !