Friday, March 27, 2015

It's slim pickin's here.

"Well, hello everyone. I hear some of you have missed me. So....what's wrong with the rest of ya?"

I'm spending the day on the table (she has given up ;-) instead of in the garage since the bird window is lame. Not one measly (and tasty, I bet) bird has dropped by all the time I've sat here. It's obviously a waste of time and you know how we felines hate wasting time.
I tried many different perches but ...nothing!

The Bird Lady, Sue, who visited told Deb to put the feeder a little farther from the garage. I'm still waiting.

So, I'll spend the day right here.

"Oh, oh...I hear a rumble."  

"Hey....I'm hungry over here. Got any beef...or bird,  hee hee?"


  1. Audrey, I don't know why that woman doesn't provide you with better entertainment. A cat should not have to be bored ...or hungry. Maybe a very loud meow would give her a hint. Were are those birds anyway???

  2. Oh! Audrey! Audrey! Audrey! :).
    Bless!x I don't have any beef...
    But..I do have six pigeons, that
    a game~keeper friend of mine has
    just brought round! Soon as l finish
    writing this, l will be plucking/cleaning
    and getting them ready for the oven...!
    Oh! I so wish l could send you one...But,
    by the time you get it...It'll be past it's sell
    by date...HeHe! Perhaps l could train one
    to fly over to you, l'm sure you can do the
    rest...! :>).

  3. Cheeky girl you do make us smile. Your little mouse house has some great window views and you three furry girls seem quite content.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Precious Deb! You need to write a book!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Maybe if you fly from the table to the refrigerator a few more times the birds will accept you as one of them and come closer! Lol...

  6. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey ... what would we do without you???!!!!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  7. Audrey, Audrey! You a sassy girl, and I like that! Hope you get some good stuff in your rumbly tummy!

  8. Cute post and photos ! Oh soon enough kitty there will so many birdies out there you wont know what to do lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. I've missed you too, Audrey. You are so cute!

  10. Audrey, would you like some lamb, perhaps?

    The ladder staircase looks quite convenient for you.

  11. Hi Audrey, we also missed seeing you: we had no Internet here in Darkest Africa. Yes you need entertainment and I hope the birds appear soon. Purrs. The Marquard Moggies.

  12. Audrey your antics always amuse me and I know that's one of the reasons you do them!! :) Hope birds come closer but not too close!

  13. Sweet! I don't even try to keep mine off the table - they think that is "their" spot (until they get shooed off when we eat - after washing it off good :) I need to do a birdhouse close to one of the windows, they would enjoy that. I have missed seeing you, Audrey, but we must share and tell stories of everyone else (your sisfurs), too!!

  14. Audrey you are a scalawag!
    Sure nice seeing you =)

  15. Audrey, I think you and Lizzie Coco are cut from the same mold! I hope your dreams come true -- and your tummy filled!

  16. Hope your feathered friends show up soon, Audrey!

  17. Hahaha!
    Hi Audrey!
    Linda :o)

  18. Audrey, tell your folks to get some chickens. They provide my cats with endless hours of entertainment watching chicken TV and will come right up to the window in hopes you will let them in.