Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Getting there.

A large 'murder' of crows flew in to the feeders this morning. I stopped counting at twenty-five.
I have placed food on the ground away from the feeders in hopes that they will be happy with the
new location.

The cats have their own bird-feeder set up outside the garage window where their cat -tree sits.  We will see if we can encourage some small birds to drop by.

If not, it looks like they'll have fun there anyway.

It is starting to feel more comfortable here, and I just may get used to being a tiny-dweller, but the thought of construction beginning on our new home is very exciting.
I have been grocery shopping in the local town and everyone is very friendly. When I tell them we have just moved to the area, they smile and say "Welcome. I think you'll find us a friendly bunch."

I'm filling up my step-back cupboard while the snow falls. This, too, will surely help me feel more at home. I'll show it off once I find the drawers. haha! Oh...the joys of moving.

Hope you are having better weather than we are. I'm starting to hate the colour 'white'.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Is that Sierra playing with either Annie or Audrey? I don't think I have seen a photo of her playing with one of the other cats. So glad everyone is settling in and so sorry for more snow for you guys. Stay warm.

  2. The cats look like they're getting settled nicely.

  3. We do hope the little birds discover the new feeder.
    We think they will. That cat tree is well situated and pretty popular.
    While we do get some crows, we get more ducks as we live close to a lake and river that runs into the lake.The ducks are just like "hoovers"
    I have to resort to small hanging feeders and hope the squirrels don't eat everything.
    The poor little birds!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and the mom

  4. Love the blue and white dishes! Hope you find your drawer! haha

  5. Oh, once you get the cupboard filled you will feel quite at home. It looks like the kits are adjusting well. What a relief!

  6. The cats have such a wonderful view =)
    Hope you get settled and find everything you need!

  7. Your tiny dwelling sounds so cozy and your new fellow/ sister townspeople seem like the people most of us would like to have close to us. Cozy cats, cozy home, outdoor bird theatre, friendly townspeople ~ life is good, in spite of the winter weather !

  8. I've been away from blogger, and so much seems to have happened! I hope you and the cats will be very happy in your new home and that it all goes well. x

  9. We live in a little cottage in England; with not a straight wall in it, in fact the living room goes down at one end and the only time it feels ok is when one has had a drink!! I also have all the walls white but I was looking in a magazine the other day and someone had bought a strip of flowery wall paper and framed it, not a new idea but it looked lovely. Just an idea, I know you are very artistic and talented but it might help with the white I might try it myself, only all the walls are covered in paintings.. Hope you settle. Love Andie xxx

  10. Just remembered something, we bought some fine holed feeders and only the small birds can manage them, at first we put nigra seed in for the goldfinches but now every type of seed goes in. The big birds catch what the little birds drop and my husband drops a few handfuls on the grass for the big black birds, also the wrens are mainly ground feeders. Just a thought. Love Andie xxx

  11. Everybuddy there is looking happy at your new place, and it looks like it has lots of sunbeams/snowbeams to snuggle up in.

  12. Looks like puddy~tats are settling in just
    fine...Great fun! :).

    Oh! Sorry about yesterday, l got Audrey muddle
    up with Sierra...HeHe! That will never do!

  13. Hang in there. Winter has to come to an end ... eventually! The kits look happy with their tree. The little birds will come.
    Hugs and Purrs ....

  14. Glad you are all settling in nicely . Yes small town folk are the best very friendly and polite I love the little towns we have close to us about a 20 min drive we shop at . You have lots of Crows where we have lots of Cow birds lol ! We had a bit of everything yesterday weather wise then ended up with rain some snow is gone and it is mild this morning , Mrs Spring is trying to push old man winter out for sure ! Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Looks like the kitties are enjoying the view from those nice big windows. Love the cat tree!
    Glad you are settling in. It's nice to be welcomed to the new area. You should soon have lots of new friends.

  16. White is sooooooo last winter!
    Come on spring!
    Jane x
    Glad you are settling in..more importantly ..the CATS are settling in!

  17. Snow, snow...SNOW! We had a fresh batch yesterday, then sleet on top. Everything is crunchy now. Looks like a couple days of below freezing temps, then maybe some relief. Whew!

  18. Those kitties have a great window!

  19. Looks as though the kitties are settling in nicely. What an amazing cat tree they have! Spring is coming!

  20. If the kitties feel at home everything else will fall into place. And how wonderful that your new village is a friendly one. Nice folks are a real treat.

  21. Things are looking splendid!
    Linda :o)

  22. Hi Deb, have been following along as you move and all looks like you, hubby, and the kitties are settling in well. Glad the local people have welcomed you and are a friendly bunch, that makes a huge difference moving into a new area.
    The birds will find you a wonderful homeowner and I know you, being such a kind and thoughtful person, will spoil them with plenty of treats.
    Sorry you have more snow - it's endless isn't it? We had 76F today and tomorrow freezing rain and sleet again!
    Be happy in your lovely new home.
    Hugs, Mary