Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nesting material

(photos taken yesterday)
As you saw from my last post, there is still plenty of snow here, but everyone's mind is on Spring.
We have many couples at the feeders including Cardinals, Blue-jays and Mourning Doves. The Starlings have arrived in great numbers and of course to provide competition for the Crows. The Chickadees love when I add a few nuts and blue-berries to their wooden box. But then the squirrels do, too. can't win. I'll just let them all work it out.  

I put out my wool pieces left over from last winters' knitting in a suet cage. They are cut into 2 inch pieces and will provide material for the bird nests this Spring. I did the same thing last year at our old house and it was used up quite quickly.  I'm hoping to see some colourful nests in our mature maples this year.

Dog and cat hair is another thing they will gladly accept as nesting material. I'm sure I can accommodate them there 'cause lord knows I have plenty of that. 

                                           Sierra doing her best.

Other materials to put out for them is 2 inch pieces of yarn, ribbon, twine, string & lace.

Counting the hours to Spring.

hugs, Deb


  1. The birds around here take chicken feathers and straw from the coop for their nests. They get to have a nice meal in there while they are 'shopping' for home decor as a bonus!

  2. Poppy just said yesterday that the birds should have nice soft nests this year. Eli's long soft fur is everywhere! The short pieces of colored yarn is a good idea. Sure hope you have some spring weather soon. Henny

  3. I put my scraps of yarn and kitty fur in the garden for the birds to find, too. Recycling at its best!
    Hugs and purrs....

  4. It will be fun to see nests made from your scraps!

    My cat Whiskers loves to lay on my computer like that. :)

  5. It would be great to see a multi coloured nest in the trees. I'll be putting out my wool remnants as well. Am about to start a course of chemotherapy and I hit on the idea of putting my fallen clumps of hair out for the birds. I like the idea of blonde nests!!

  6. There are blueberries at your feeder...if you hear a noise in the night,don't look outside..well ,you won't see me in my camouflage outfit anyway.
    Jane x

  7. Yes, spring might be around the corner as far as the calendar is concerned, but it doesn't feel like it.

    Sierra looks so content.

  8. I never thought about putting out cat hair for birds to use in their nests. I have tons of it cause Charlie is one hairy cat!

  9. Sierra looks awfully sleepy! You are very sweet to your birdy friends!

  10. Lovely photos ! I put out the cat and dog hair and the lint from the drier they like that as well , our birdies are spoiled aren't they ? lol ! I have a family of Sparrows nesting again in the house Papa made last year on the corner of my potting shed . Yes Happy Spring . It has been chilly but oh so sunny here tomorrow to be a really nice day of sun and +8 WOOHOO ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. Yup me too Deb..... It always makes me laugh when I see the chickadees pulling the Lucky hair from the cage. Wouldn't you just love to see one of the little nests with some of your yarn ends in it. The ultimate yarn bomb!!

  12. You will have the most beautiful and comfy nests in the neighborhood! Wouldn't lace dress them up! I have found old, used nests with bit of gardening twine in the here! They found it on their own without my help.
    Enjoy the coming of spring.

  13. Spring has sprung! Sort of. Did I tell you about the time I saw a chickadee land ON our English Setter and pull out some of her fur for a nest?

  14. I can only imagine how small the Chickadee nests must be!
    Keep your eyes on them....see where they are nesting...
    Linda :o)

    Happy Spring!