Monday, March 2, 2015

Enjoying the morning birds.

Hi everyone. I am using a tablet until I get my computer here so my posts will be short and somewhat awkward.  Here are the kitties enjoying the birds early in the morning.

Does anyone have this problem? Too many black crows at the feeders.
Annie says "Go away crows. We want the itty-bitty birds."

Finally, some sun.

We have all our furniture in place but need to finish some window trim and install a kitchen counter as soon as we find what we like. It is starting to look like a home finally. The cats have settled in nicely and Kane is fine other than we have to carry him up the stairs as his old legs just cannot do it. We have only three more steps than we did at our old home and he was already avoiding our second floor there so it is no surprise that he needs help here. He is fine upstairs and really enjoying time with the retired guy in his nice, big garage.
Our weather was great today and our family were out to see the new digs. Riley, our four-year-old grandittle, wanted to know where the mice were. Thankfully, there were a few miniatures on the window ledge and my little mouse-house tea-pot close by. That was just fine with her.

Hope everyone is well. I love all the bird photos that are popping up everywhere. I hope to see our first robin soon. Today a little grey rabbit stopped by at the feeders. With spring in mind, I named him Peter.



  1. It is good to read all works out very good ,also with the cats .I know the ''problem'' with the Crows ,we have al lot of them here ,but they also want to eat and we give more and more seeds ,we hope the other birds wil get enough to eat .

  2. So happy to hear the kitties and kane are setteling in! Crows are awful don't know what you can do to scare them away. Love that Riley wanted to see the mice! They are so literal at this age aren't they!

  3. I love a sunlit home..It's funny..we had crows for years..the last 2 have been crow free..Much better that way..It's nothing we did..But I prefer the prettier sweet sounding birds~

  4. Your cat sure doesn't like crows . . . lol
    What beautiful photos . . . :)

  5. Annie seems rather upset with those birds. Luckily, sun is a good remedy for every cat-related problem :)

  6. Oh bully for Kane, that he's enjoying quality time with his owner ! And good on you for carrying him upstairs! I love the cats birdwatching. Ambrose is so thrilled to be outdoors for the first time in three years and also loves birds! Have a great day. Jo

  7. You tell 'em Annie!
    Everything looks beautiful already with the big sunny windows. I love windows when they're bare and framing lovely vistas. Glad the kitties have adapted already. Have you got a carpet runner on the stairs yet? Maybe that would help dear old Kane.

  8. I am happy to hear the cats are adjusting. Annie has the sweetest profile! Kane is a real trooper! I've never had crows at my feeders...only those bratty grackles.

  9. Dear Deb,
    crows are animals, too, and they are hungry, too!!!!!!
    We enjoy all animals coming to our feeders, because this is the way we can help them through the winter. and you have really, really amounts of snow - so they really need help, too.

    I am glad to read, that your moving is done and I wish you all a very lucky time in this very nice mouse-house!! Congratulation!
    In your last post you told about the amount of work your dear busy husband had done all the last time - I was often thinking the same, especially during the COLD winter saison - bravo!

  10. Sounds as though you are all settling in very well - well, apart from the crows who are perhaps settling in too well for the other birds! xx

  11. Oh dear, I seem to have been misunderstood here. What I am worried about is that the crows are scaring off the small birds I have been feeding for months. I don't mind at all feeding them, I just don't want them bullying the other birds.

  12. Lovely photos ! Glad all are setting in . I knew the kitties would like all the birdies , yes we have lots of Crows and Cow birds raiding the feeder area lol ! I to am looking for the Robins now ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  13. Things are really settling in, eh? Annie looks very annoyed at the crows. I hope the big black birds don't take too much of the food, but then they have their place in the world, too. Just not at bird-feeders...

  14. With all those lovely windows and the views - not to mention SUN - no wonder everyone is settling in just fine. I don't have trouble with crows - my trouble is with too many blue jays and mourning doves. Vacuum cleaners!

  15. Hope you will have your computer soon Deb. I work on my IPAD now and then, but I prefer my computer. I think it works easier.

    Lovely photo's of the kitties!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  16. It's so good to see and hear that the felines are settling in so nicely.
    Take good care!

  17. Looks like everybody is doing well at the new place. It is always unsettling to move, and exhausting.

  18. I wondered how all the kitties would adapt. It sounds like they're doing fine.
    I'm impressed that you've figured out how to post from your tablet - with pictures, yet!

  19. Sierra is her sun puddle! The kitties look happy and enjoying the birds ... that makes life so much easier for you!
    Hugs and purrs!

  20. We moved into our house on a temporary basis...20 years ago! The thought of packing up and moving have both the hubby and me staying put much longer than we thought. Kudos to you, for this move and the one coming later.

  21. Hi there, Glad you are settling in at last. Can you get the Tibetan prayer flags? I buy mine on Ebay and whilst totally empathising with them I also find that they frighten the big black birds: crows, rooks and magpies. There is a preferred method of hanging them and the explanation comes with the flags. You also have to let them disintegrate and finally fall to the ground on their own, then they are burnt. I know this all sounds very off the wall, but they do the trick with the birds. Take care. Andie xxx

  22. Just read all your posts and also want to add that we also feed all the birds, but the big black ones tend to get a bit intimidating with the little birds. Apart from putting out the prayer flags my husband claps his hands every so often and the big birds fly away. The little birds do not care about my husband, they have sussed that he is the one that feeds them. I try to put some bread away from the feeders so the bigger birds can fill up on that, oh, and other titbits. However the prayer flags do work. Perhaps Buddha likes little birds. xx

  23. Sierra is looking quite comfortably settled in that sunpuddle!

  24. It was great to see your post, Deb! I am so glad everyone is settling in well. I am glad you can carry Kane up and down the stairs. We have had that happen, too, with one of our dogs as she aged and worked it out for her. : )

    We have crows and mourning doves here but they don't come to our feeders. But our feeders are right at a house window so that might be why. The beautiful doves do come to the ground below the feeders and find their extra seeds there. We don't have nearly the snow you do though so maybe if we did the crows would come for seed. ? I hope you can figure out a good way to feed everyone as I know you want to. Bless you!

    Love to all at the Mouse House,

  25. The kitties all look settled in nicely Deb, enjoying watching the birds flitting here and there....
    We had a huge possum walking through the yard today, and right behind it was Oliver, stalking it's every move, I didn't know whether to smile or be scared.
    Hope all your moving in is getting easier, it's such a huge undertaking, but in the end, it will all be worth the effort.

  26. Looks like you're getting all settled! Glad everyone is happy and adjusting!

  27. Your place sounds all cozy and warm already. My husband complains about the crows. I'm like you, Deb, don't mind feeding them all. I tell my husband, the crows can't help that they were born crows. :)I would love to have a pet crow. They are very smart.

  28. Oh dear.....Annie looks pissed!
    Hope you are settling in...
    Linda :o)

  29. HeHe! Audrey!x Love the before and after photos....!
    Your a diamond! But, listen, don't worry about the crows,
    just think...'lot of meat on a crow'.
    I don't eat crow, but l do eat rook...'Gamekeepers Pie'.
    mmmmM! Lovely!

  30. Dear Deb,
    I am glad to hear your comment.
    Are the crows really scaring off the small birds?
    As I told you lately, we can watch a great number of different birds, mostly little ones, but pigeons, woodpecker, magpies, and squirrels etc, too.
    What I belief to recognise is, that some of them, the bigger ones, do not arrive before high noon so that the little one have already their first dinner. But here the little ones dont feel disturb as long as I can see.
    We have no crows at our feeders though in summertime they can be seen here.
    I googled a bit about your problem and perhaps I found an acceptable solution:
    you can feed the crows a bit apart in their own big open bowl with BOILED potatos, vegetables or pasta, par example rests from your dinner/lunch, apples, bread, soft cat food and so on, all sort of kitchen remainders (does this word exist?) are welcome.
    I think, the crows did not arrive with your settlement in the mouse-house, probably they were all there in times, you only came filling the feeders. And you watched the little ones, so the crows could'n have the power to push them away for ever.

    Was that helpfull?
    greetings from Bärbel

  31. So glad everyone survived the move, and is settling in. That last picture is great; they always find the sweet spot in the sun, don't they?
    Wonderful to be where you want to be, with lovely memories all around.

  32. Looks like you are really settling in, and your home is very sunny! :)

  33. Lovely photos! The cats are wonderful and they seem pretty settled already! Your home looks great! Greets! <3