Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The old rail-line.

One little Nut-hatch is becoming a lot less terrified of it's feeder these days. I walked right up to it this morning and it stayed put for a minute or two. I didn't have my camera but I did reward it with some blueberries.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions with caring for my violets. After reading your comments I have taken the damaged leaves off and will start again. We probably do get too much light where I have them and I think it will take time for them to adjust to our water. Moving them in the winter put them into shock, most likely.  

When I was little, my cousins and I would get great pleasure out of walking the old railway line that cut through my grandmother's property; the property where we now live. I still remember the old train chugging by as it slowed when approaching a whistle spot. I also recall lining the track with apples from the orchard just to watch them fly in the air when hit. Instant applesauce.
Today, the tracks are gone and the old line is now a walking, snow-mobiling and horse-back riding trail.
This morning, we stopped on our way home, leashed Kane, and walked up the old path.

Kane, even in his 15th year, takes me for the walk.
I have to slow him down just so he will pace himself. He forgets sometimes that he's an old dog but I know how stiff and sore he can get. I find the best thing for him is to take a few short walks throughout the day.

The temperature is dropping tonight and you can see we still have lots of snow.  So, if you are in Ontario, Canada....

stay toasty,



  1. I forgot to mention yesterday that Violets need to be watered from the roots, not from the top like most flowers. Love your walk--it was 85 here yesterday in North Carolina!

  2. So wonderful to see a dog as old as Kane out enjoying himself. It is odd to return to the places of our childhood and see the changes. But also good to be able to walk them once more.

  3. Great that you have such a great place to walk...
    And full of memories...fantastic!
    Sunny here...but chilly...brrrr
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  4. Hey Deb, My little shih Tzu is 11 years young. He will go out to do his business and wants to stay out there forever. When he comes in he can hardly make it up the steps he is so stiff so I make sure he doesn't stay out too long. When we walk though he knows when to turn around.

  5. I to as a kid loved walking the old rail ways . Not much rail ways left now a days it is a shame I have always love the sound of trains on the tracks ! Looks like you have a wonderful nature trail to walk and seems like a lot of wonderful nature surrounds you to , I myself just cant get enough of the nature we have here in our valley such a blessing to see and hear every day ! Kane seems to be doing well for an old timer that's wonderful . I am glad you were able to salvage your African violets ! Sunny here today a bit chillier then I like it but warming up through out the day . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Kane is such a handsome boy =)
    He loves his walks with you.

  7. That is a very handy thing to have so close by- it makes for level walking.

  8. We were not supposed to be close to the railroad tracks when we were kids...but, as usual...we disobeyed anything we were told ..and, used to lay pennies on the tracks ... We waited til the train passed and then quickly found them wherever they had ended up and got out of there. They became elongated, very thin and we then made a hole in them with a hammer and nail and wore them as a necklace. Our poor Mom when we 'fessed up as to where they came from..... she was horrified that we had been standing that close to passing trains....I don't think the engineer like us much either ....

  9. Oh I love your path and the fact that Kane (15) takes you for a walk!

  10. Good old Kane: old but still good. You certainly do take care of that fellow; fifteen and still eager to go for walks. I love that.

  11. Your African Violets look kind of cute with their haircuts! ha.

    That Kane is amazing...

  12. We are in Nova Scotia and we got lots and even more snow today :/
    We are impressed with Kane looking so well at 15.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. That's enough of the white stuff - I can't believe more coming and still you have a sense of humor and a smile! Kane is such a trouper - and such a great place to walk especially with all those wonderful childhood memories Deb.
    Stay warm and safe -
    Hugs, Mary

  14. I love seeing Kane and you out for a walk! Good for both of you!

  15. The hubby grew up near railway lines too, but he never told me a story about apples! He did mention walking across the trestle, the idea of which gives me the willies. How he survived his youth is beyond me...Stay warm!

  16. Kane is such a good dog. How great to have a level place to walk, through the trees!

  17. Kane is so sweet. It still looks so cold and wintry there! Take care.

  18. Great to see Kane going for a walk! I can't walk Tristan at all now. He potters around the outside of his house to do his business, then wants right back in. Kane looks great. I'm glad he's settling into the new place okay!