Monday, December 7, 2015

And another fox appeared...

One of the biggest challenges of living in a mouse-house is when I make a tuna sandwich and the girls are awake. It is chaos.
I feel like I need 8 arms just to construct the thing and then I need to hide to eat it.

Yes, they get a bit of tuna and the tuna water to share.
I'm a push-over, remember.

Here's the latest fox to appear this Christmas, sparkles and all.
Don't you love the excuse to get all glittery around your home?

A gift from my youngest. :)

"This is getting out of hand."

This ornament I put on display every Christmas.

A look inside a house on Christmas eve.

Tomorrow, if weather permits, we will walk around the back of my grandmother's land to find a tiny tree for our tiny house.
I love a real tree even if it is 3 feet tall.

A look back on our tree last year.


hugs, Deb


  1. Good Morning. Like you, I have to hide from my cats to eat my lunch sometimes! The glittery fox is cute as can be. I love all your sweet Christmas d├ęcor and of course, kitty peeking out. How fun to have a live tree from your property. Have a good day.

  2. All looking lovely....And...More
    glitter the better...! Twinkle!
    Twinkle! :).

    HaHa! And...Audrey!x Well...She's one
    'foxy' lady anyway! Bless!x

  3. Lovely photos ! Tuna or salmon doesn't seem to temp Harley but Miggs loves both . Cute little fox . I used to have real trees but they dry out to fast no matter what I do and then they drop so many needles all over so we use artificial trees now . Hope you find the perfect little tree . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Beautiful Christmas decorations.
    My Lucy loved tuna juice =)
    Audrey does seem to enjoy your train.

  5. So pretty and I love the new Fox and Audrey's expression! Can't wait to see your tree.

  6. Audrey would love it here - real foxes passing by the windows sometimes, and I do love a good Albacore tuna sandwich now and then - when everyone else is eating meat! She could be my buddy I just know!

    Looking pretty there Deb - I'm done outside and today will work on the inside of the cottage. I walked down to the street last night and looked back at the illuminated house - did look really good and I felt satisfied - just enough white fairy lights across the porch, arbor, green wreaths, red bows, faux tree in the gazebo etc., and the floodlights on the trees make it all quite spectacular. Christmas is coming!

    Hugs - Mary

  7. Great pics, Deb. Darling fox! And I have to share my salmon with the Rose and Ghost. Rose gets so excited when she smells it cooking. The others are not that keen.

  8. Audacious Audrey would probably like statues that look like her instead! But I like your foxes!

  9. You can always bring smiles Deb...all aboard the Mischief train...adorable Christmas decorations....Merry, Merry!!!

  10. From the cats' point of view, it's tuna, and they love it (mind you, I don't know why, I don't like seafood!), so they can't resist!

  11. I'm cooking salmon patties tonight, and the kitties will get the skin, bones (it's safe), juice, and some of the actual fish. I love to see my old cats eating so happily, and my newest rescue's expression looks like he just won some incredible prize each time he gets an unexpected treat. Your cats look so precious and I'm so happy I found your blog.

  12. Really cute! I've got to get my decorations finished so I can share! I love the fox!

  13. I think the foxes are quite the thing this year, I've noticed them in several Christmas stores, wildlife seems to be the themes.
    Love your little Christmas eve ornament, and I agree a live tree is always so much more festive, although sadly mine is one of those artificial skinny Alpine trees :)
    The look on Audrey's face is priceless.

  14. Love looking inside that wee house...
    Our cats loved the tuna juice too!
    Have a great week, Deb...
    Linda :o)

  15. Oh, you and those cats are always so entertaining! I love the last one of Audrey peeking around the tree.

  16. Laughing at the tuna.....I can relate to that.
    It's becoming hard to cook anything here...they
    run with the sound of anyone in the kitchen! haha.

    1. Can you just imagine in a 600 sq. ft. apt, Betsy. lol

  17. How do you keep your kitties from climbing the tree? My sweetie has a cat and he won't put up a tree because she knocked it down the first year!

    1. All bets are off here, Debbie, with our youngest cat. But, we'll give it a try. I suggest tying it at the back to the wall.

  18. So funny about your tuna loving kitties! I'm afraid I have the same problem whenever I cook chicken or turkey, too! Constant leg rubbing and meowing. Now I am hungry for a tuna sandwich......:) I love your fox collection and your sweet and detailed ornament of Christmas Eve. Such a pretty little tree you had. I am putting mine up this weekend. Hope you have a fun week! x Karen

  19. I can relate. Bickett comes running to the kitchen when he hears me starting supper. Can't wait to see your tree. You make everything so pretty and so special.