Saturday, December 5, 2015

The ups and downs in a day.

I had Sierra at the vet today as she has a lump under her bottom jaw that is very unsettling. It is a bit nerve-wracking starting all over with a new vet and clinic in a new area and she was a bit nervous going in but all went fine. Her new vet loved her and said "I wish all my cat clients were like her." The good little patient is now on antibiotics for awhile and I'll be keeping a close eye on this over the next two weeks. Although she is eating fine and shows no sign of pain, it may be a tooth that is starting to give her trouble and the antibiotics will take the swelling down so she can get a good examination. Poor wee girl. It's been a helluva few weeks and I am still exhausted from losing our Kane.  Surely this won't be anything serious. :(
We took ourselves out for a great meal and some wine at The Keg tonight just to relax.

I pulled out the Christmas stockings as I'll be adding a bit more 'bling' to them like I do each year. It's fun to add a felt snowman or a glittery broach to each of them. The Personalized Stocking is a big part of our gift-giving. The little ones look so forward to them and I think the big ones do, too.

We are still waiting on the first snow-fall here. The roads are fantastic for driving but I know closer to Christmas we will want to see the beauty of the first fallen snow. can leave.

Simon popped out to say "hi" this morning. I wasn't surprised with the warm weather we are having this week. I gave him some seed, apple and crusts and he happily devoured it all. He probably pocketed some to add to his pantry for later. He's such a smart little fella. (I know, HE might be a SHE. We'll find out next spring.)
HE does look like he is missing his purse, though. lol

I have been listening to Christmas music this week. It's bittersweet when you miss your loved ones but it also gives me hope for a better world. This is my favorite cd for the holidays.

And JT :)

always JT.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations.
So far, around here,it will not include building a snow-man.

hugs, Deb


  1. If Simon turns out to be a she, the name change will be easy..from Simon to Simone..:-)
    We have our favorite album too.....Andy Williams , brings back some wonderful Christmas time memories.and......

    I Hope Sierra's problem is a minor one....

  2. Oh Deb, so sorry to hear about Sierra's problem and pray it's nothing serious. You sure had a difficult time lately. I've posted Chappie (our only female cat in the house) sitting in the window (Ambrose' post tomorrow) and thought of you with Cats in Windows. Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. Sending healing prayers for Sierra. That's a cute photo of the chipmunk.....looks like he enjoyed his feast! We don't have snow often here in Georgia and I sure hope we don't have an ice storm like we had in March.
    Enjoy your Christmas music and the stockings.

  4. I'm sorry about Sierra. The antibiotics will soon help, I'm sure. I hate when they're not feeling well.

    James Taylor ... I'm just not sure if it gets any better. :-)

  5. we shall say a prayer for dear Sierra....Simon could not be more adorable. He reminds me of our little chipmunks at The Maine House.....darling, I tell you! I too, play my father's Christmas albums..Perry Como....Andy Williams.....Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby....we have our memories. Hugs dear Deb!

  6. James Taylor --- swoooonnnn!
    Hope Sierra is well.....

    Purrs and hugs ....

  7. Prayers here for dear Sierra. Finding a new vet is such an awful experience. Glad it seemed to go well.
    I was reading an article a bit back about how global warming is affecting hibernating animals. Not good at all, I'm afraid. It seems they wake up more frequently and that is not good for survival.
    Nuts with high fat content seem to be good to help chippys keep the body mass up.

  8. Prayers being said for Sierra - and for you, too.

    Simon is just the cutest! It would be kind of fun to have little "munks" there is he is really she!

    Enjoy your Christmas prep! I love reading about it.


  9. Hope Sierra gets better soon . No sign of our Chippy at all now , I think he has hunkered down till spring lol !. I like all different singers for Christmas songs and I am really liking the acapella group Pentatonix Christmas songs ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Purring for Sierra. My Buddy once had a small lump form on side of his chin. Small tumor, but was not cancerous. I hope and pray Sierra's lump turns out to be nothing serious. Blessings on you.

  11. One chippy leads to many many more chippys... I haven't listened to songs as yet. Because hubby is laid up a lot of the time he is in front of the tv a lot but I will turn it on soon. Hope the antibiotic kicks in and Sierra will be fine soon. Hugs, LJ

  12. Wow that cutie Simon is really chubby Deb - you must have been feeding him well to prepare for hibernation - glad in a way he popped out again so you know the hawk didn't grab him - I've been worried about that!

    As for sweet Sierra I hope the meds. help and that she will be fine again very soon.

    I love old Christmas songs - traditional such as Celtic and Scottish - and of course the old singers who sang the songs in a way where you can hear the words - I definitely don't enjoy contemporary/rock/rap versions.! I also love to light the fire, sit back and listen to choirs singing the old carols from European cathedrals.
    Tomorrow I plan to start decorating - today we attended a concert of high school choirs and their beautiful Christmas program put me in the mood at last!

    Hugs - Mary

  13. Hope the antibiotics do the trick and it's an easy fix for Sierra! You don't need any more stress! Goodness!
    We had a dusting of snow but it didn't really count. This morning we had our first hard frost...the lovely hoar frost that sticks to everything. Gorgeous! But, no snowmen down here either!

  14. ohhh i hope it isn't anything serious with Sierra, it's good that the vets turned out okay too
    Simon is a such a cutie! it's been unusually cool here the last couple of days, the weather is really whacky of late
    thanx for sharing

  15. You sure don't need that extra worry right now. I hope it is nothing serious. Keep those Christmas carols going and chase the sadness away!

  16. Sending purrs to Sierra for the antibiotics to work and then a quick fix for her.
    Simon always makes me smile.
    I've bought my winter boots and am waiting for the first real snow as well =)

  17. Think you may have to put an 'E' at the end of
    Simon's name....Simone...I think she's more
    lady looking than a man! :).

    Hope Sierra gets over her problem lump, there
    horrid things, she's on antibiotics so it should
    clear up soon. Bless!x

  18. Purrs for dear Sierra.
    Mom likes Jimmy Rankin too.
    We are starting to decorate as well.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  19. I Hope little Simon steers clear of the Pussies!

  20. Sending good wishes for Sierra. I'm sure you are terribly worried, especially after the loss of Kane. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nasty tooth. Never fun but beats some of the alternatives!

    Love James Taylor!

  21. I know your feelings about starting over with a new vet--after our move across country. Keeping good thoughts for Sierra, XOXO

  22. Hi Deb, I'm catching up again reading posts that go back for a month or so. I'm so sorry that you lost Kane. I know how much that hurts... all animals find a place in our hearts, but some find a very special place. And I'm glad that you kept Kane's blanket on the floor. I'm sure that it is a comfort for the cats. Also love seeing all your Christmas decorations as well as your cupboard critters!

  23. Poor Sierra...

    If Simon's a girl, Simone's a perfectly good name!

  24. It's never easy when we have anything to worry about with our dear pets - my old girl was diagnosed with cancer over 3 years ago and she's still going strong but every little thing worries me with her. The vet said the first sign of trouble will be when her appetite goes...but that has yet to happen so I guess we will be blessed with her sweet face for another while, thank God. Love your photos of Simon - such a cute little thing he is!!

  25. Head scrunchies to sweet Sierra.

    Your earlier post mentioned a wool ball as a cat toy. After senior dog and 2 senior cats deaths recently, we adopted a fairly young (18m) cat. He's young enough to play. Do you think my extra drier ball, size of tennis, made from New Zealand wool, is safe for him? Or do you reccommend something else. Thx,, Gail