Monday, December 14, 2015

Time to get crackin'

Your comments on my last post were so very comforting. I know that many of you have been through the loss of a cherished dog or cat and understand the waves of grief that hit you for days and days after. It is only three weeks since we lost our dog and it is still so unbelievable. I thank you so much for taking time to write. I have to pull myself out of this slump and get cracking with all that needs to be done before Christmas. 

Audrey thinks that because we live so high up (above our garage) that Santa will stop here first on his travels.. She wanted their stocking hung early just in case. Her world is very small, remember. ;-) 
                                                               Annie at the tree

I pulled up an old header from 2012 when Audrey was just a youngster. I always loved the photo of her peeking around the Christmas tree. Her fascination with the tree has not dwindled one bit.

We wait anxiously for our first snow fall here in Ontario. Much of Canada has had plenty but here we have yet to see our first snowflake of the season. It's wonderful for shopping but hard to keep focused without the beautiful white snow. I'll have to rely on the little white lights of the tree for that.

hugs, Deb


  1. That tree is lovely....snow or not outside!

  2. Oh Audrey is one intelligent lass to have worked out the new heights of her abode (with her doting humans) and that Santa will arrive there first. I love the photo of her as a young kitty peering up at the tree. I still miss my five y.o. Rottweiler who died in 2007. I often mis-name my new Labrador pup, Skabenga that!

  3. i haven't been reading all the blogs daily & just caught up with your previous post about missing all your loved ones. a sad time it is for sure but one that will pass even though a little teary still, it will hurt for a little while yet, they are no doubt missing you very much too but you gave them a wonderful life & people say that we are better folks for having the friendship of our beloved fur babies. one day i hope to have my home filled once again with cats & a dog, i so miss having them around too.
    Audrey was such a cutie! that is a lovely photo with the tree.
    hope you're feeling better
    thanx for sharing

  4. I appreciate clever Audrey's height theory why Santa might visit her first, but my truth will disappoint her...I've been extra good this year (just ask me) so Santa will be visiting me first! Ho ho ho Gail

  5. oooooO! What can one say...
    It's ALL looking lovely..Mr Fox
    in the tree, the lovely white lights.
    and Sierra..Ah! And, the star of the

    HeHe! And..What a lovely name for a tree..
    Joy..! :).

  6. Lovely photos ! This weather is not helping with the slumps either , it's so gloomy here I need sunshine thought we were to get some some yesterday but that was only for an hour or two . Rain , Rain , Rain go away I say at this rate yeah I prefer snow at least it is brighter lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Love Audrey's theory about Santa's visit! Hard to believe she was ever that small. Love the fox.
    Purrs and Hugs........

  8. I love the old header. Audrey's neck was so thin! I have a photo of Lizzie about the same age from behind in sillouhette and it's the same look. How they change! Audrey's theory makes sense!

  9. Such a warm, comfy, inviting home. Our kitties love the tree, too. We are missing our Toby (kitty) we died just weeks ago. Our hearts are with you. {{{}}}

  10. Your tree and all of your Christmas decorations are lovely (I absolutely adore that fox!). And how could Santa not visit Audrey first?

    Prayers, peace, and purrs to you and your family.

  11. Deb, there is no right or wrong to grieving...each of us do it in our own way. It's very personal. This end of autumn, the beginning of winter; the end of the year, and a new one in it's place. And I wouldn't worry too much about snow; it'll come!

  12. Love that fox ornament! I have a friend who lives in Colorado and has a family living behind her. So much fun to see her photos. Audrey and Clara could be twins. Love those grey cats! XOXO

  13. Your little tree looks so lovely, very quaint and 'country' looking - just what I adore! Audrey must have been just a baby in that photo - she's just an itty bitty thing!! Love the Christmas header, Deb - looks great!

  14. I am trying to enjoy the season as best I can. Charlie is having some issues so it crosses my mind this might be his last time to sleep under the Christmas tree.

  15. We has our first snow Monday in Halifax ion Monday.
    Today is pouring rain and big wind!
    Crazy weather to be sure.
    We like your tree :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  16. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog, Deb. Such a sadness, my friend. Blessings on your heart.
    Audrey is a very optimistic kitty. Hope her Christmas dreams come true.