Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I have a 'thing' for cupboards.

I'm so thankful that the Christmas season has begun and I can keep myself  occupied with all that goes with it.  I need to keep busy.

I know that I could never be a minimalist because, well, let's face it, I need fun things to put on shelves.
I guess it's the kid in me that wants to always change up my surroundings including the 'little things' that make me smile. And , at my age, you have collected a lot of treasures to enjoy. :-b

I finally added my little french country cupboard to the mouse house.
It's been sitting in the bedroom while I try to figure out where to put it. I decided just to replace the little white shelf in the dining corner (everything is a corner here) with the one little cupboard I love.

Seeing it is the Christmas season, I filled it with festive treasures and some favorite critters. The bigger bird house was a new purchase this Christmas.

On to my step-back cupboard for 'getting in the spirit' of the season.

I may ask Audrey to help with that since she seems rather bored lately.

That may explain why she's taken to the hilltops to look down on all her slaves.

Enjoy your lead up to Christmas
and take time to
relax...have some tea.

If you are interested in ordering some nativity sheep this Christmas, drop over to

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your little pretties and Kathy's sheep and Audrey! I have always loved miniature little treasures like you have displayed here. I've been sipping on peppermint tea tonight. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  2. Your cupboard is wonderful, Deb, and filled with such charming vignettes! I need to get over to Kathy's blog and order some of those adorable sheep. I have been away from blogland for a while and I now realize that you have lost your sweet Kane - I am so very sorry! I know it leaves an empty hole in the heart and home when we lose one of our beloved companions. Your dear little cat is so precious and I hope you can give each other comfort. Thinking of you and sending hugs. xo Karen

  3. Your country cupboard is so pretty with all the little animals. You inspire me to pull out the stored boxes of Christmas things and start decorating.

  4. I'm so happy you found just the right spot for your French cupboard Deb, It is the perect place for all your miniature creatures to take up residence. Hope Audrey doesn't decide to "rearrange" them for you. I am also a collector of fox ornaments. I haven't found this year's addition to the collection yet. I'd better start looking. Time is flying or so it seems. No Fox surnames in my family, but I have always admired them.
    I wanted to let you know that you may see Simon this winter even though he is "hibernating". Chipmunks don't hibernate the way we think of bears hibernating; They don't store fat layers to get them through the winter. Instead, the Eastern chipmunk enters what is called a "torpid state" where they lower their body temp. & heart rate to reduce the number of calories they burn. Then, every 8-9 days they raise their body temp. so they can eat some of the food they stored in their burrow. Once they eat, they go back their altered state of being. Simon could live as long as 5 years, This species of chipmunk are not fond of other chipmunks and don't visit one another's burrows because they compete for food. Simon is likely to be the 1st critter you will see when Spring arrives. They sure are cute little buggers.

    1. Thank you for this, Ellen. I'll watch for him.

  5. All soo cute and pretty ! I just put up our little charlie brown tree and a few decorations going simple and small these days . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Just adore your cabinet. It's beautiful and so magical!

  7. I love your cabinet and your sweet sheep. Audrey has the most amazing face on a cat! hugs!

  8. Audrey knows the value of occupying the high ground.

  9. Stopping in to see how youre doing. I just love seeing what miss audrey is up to as well!! Her expressions make my day!!

  10. That kitty is waiting for you not to be looking so she can tear up the cupboard.

  11. Hurrah for all of us non-minimalists! Couldn't be one even if I tried!
    The little cupboard is decorated so beautifully! I wish I could shrink myself down and wonder through all of the delightful treasures.

  12. Hi Deb! Well of course, Audrey is the queen of her house! She's so cute. Now I love your little cupboard and how you've dressed it up for Christmas. Those little fuzzy sheep are just adorable! Thank you for your kind words for my little Carter.
    You're always a sweetie
    Shelia ;)

  13. I love your cupboards, and the little sheep look very nice there. You've inspired me to decorate my cupboard today, it needs some Christmas spirit. I think I'll move my little shepherds downstairs to herd the sheep in the cupboard too! ( BTW, I sent your little flock off to you yesterday )

  14. Charming, Deb. I love cupboards, too! xo ~ Nancy