Friday, December 11, 2015

Randomness on Friday

If Simon sees a shadow he high-tails it under the pump but if he hears me call him (are you imagining that? lol) he sticks his head out to say "howdy".

He had his breakfast and then ran around like a weirdo again. So much for 'the winter sleep.'

My morning started with a long walk enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. It's as good as it gets weather-wise for December in Ontario.

I thought I'd share this Christmas photo of my daughter (far right) and the staff of Bridlewood Retirement Home. She has just recently been promoted to a managerial position and I'm proud as punch.

This is how we found Audrey when returning home from shopping tonight.

The Christmas tree was leaning to the left, decorations cock-eyed and the squirrel was on the floor.

I guess you could say we all had a fun Friday night.


hugs, Deb


  1. All fun stuff...and congrats to your daughter!

  2. Oh I did laugh at your description of the tree Deb ... bless Audrey. I have just put mine up today (finally) & am hoping my two leave it alone. Gosh sometimes, its worse than small children !!! I think the Retirement Home are lucky to have such lovely staff - well done to your beautiful daughter.

  3. A big congratulations to your beautiful daughter! It's so nice to be rewarded for hard work! Audrey looks exhausted from her little fun. I sometimes think that cats are convinced we put up Christmas trees just for them. I mean...look at all those dangling toys! :) I love that your little chipmunk is almost tame. Hope your weekend is calm and bright! xo Karen

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. Good news! So much fun to see little Simon. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey ... what can I say??!!!! She's a lucky little girl to have a place to have a fun Friday...!!!!!

  5. We had a chipmunk that got so friendly he would follow my husband into the cottage to get snacks & back out again. Congratulations to your daughter. Bridlewood Retirement Home is a lovely facility

  6. LOL. I always thought it was "While the cat's away. . ." Guess not. Congratulations to your daughter, Deb!

  7. Good for your daughter!

    Simon's going to have to bed down for the winter sooner or later.

  8. congratulations to your girl...and of COURSE you are should be.:)
    We are having pretty autumn weather here, too..;.

  9. Looks like miss Audrey wore her little baby self out climbing up the tree!! Funny little thing!! She knows you won't stay mad! Your daughter is beautiful - congrats to her!!