Sunday, December 20, 2015

Favorite places

Audrey loves the heater.

                                   "Is there a 'blast' button on this thing?"

Sierra prefers her window

Annie perches near where I bake while

I nestle in next to the tree

The retired-guy's in the garage if you're lookin' for him.

Well, we are certainly getting close now to the big day.
I hope you have taken some time for yourself in whatever way you please.
I can't stop bringing home more critters to the mouse house.
These two look right at home here.
And who could resist this tail?

hugs, Deb


  1. I recall cats loving to spend time either on or near heating ducts where I grew up.

  2. Our cats have their favorite spots, too. Some prefer outside, but over the weekend when the temps dipped to a frigid low, all 14 of them were inside...haha....each snuggled into a favorite nook or cranny all over the house. I loved it, knowing they were all warm and safe.

    Your little tree is the new additions!

  3. All those kitties are so beautiful and i love them from afar! Love seeing pictures of them

  4. Yup Christmas is approaching fast . Oh they are soo cute . Miggs has a favorite spot to during the day and it is out side the kitchen door on under the porch on the patio she loves the out doors all year long lol ! then at night she loves to be by my side in her bed . Harley's favorite spot is on her scratch post bed in front of the spare bedroom window ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. I have to laugh about Audrey's love for the heater. Our cat Pierrot has discovered our space heater. He loves it. He loves taking long baths in front of it. All your kitties are adorable.

    Your tree is so lovely.

  6. The new little critters do fit right in. I love your tree. Audrey makes me laugh. Sierra and Annie are always content while Audrey keeps after you about something. This would be a cute comic strip. I love all three of your special kitties.

  7. Real sweet, love the little birds !

  8. That is the cutest tree! I'm surprised it doesn't get knocked over =)

  9. You and I have the same fave spot -- next to the tree!