Saturday, December 12, 2015

My fragile tree

I love my little tree.  The branches are so fragile though that I must be careful only to put the lighter ornaments on them.
Heavy glass or ceramic ones are kept in their boxes 'til next year. It's probably just as well. =^..^=

A bird is missing.

"You bellowed?"

While shopping in a nearby little town, I had  a 'cat in window' photo op. Isn't this a lucky feline to have a whole Christmas shop to play in? After this shot the cat got down to business washing it's paws and settling in for a long nap..
Here's one purchase from my shopping spree.

He looks right at home here.

My birds were given an early present from their #1 admirer. After filling it with sun-flower seeds, I placed it so it is visible from the kitchen window of the mouse-house.
lol...tacky, right? But they love it.

"Merry Christmas resident birdies."

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your new purchase Deb - that would've had to come home with me for sure. Your tree looks beautiful & delicate. Look at Audreys face ... who me ??? Couldnt possibly be?!!!! Just classic.

  2. Oh I love your little tree and decorations soo pretty ! Audrey your a card lol ! Kitty in the store must love it having lots of people in and out to visit . I do like that snow man bird feeder soo cute not tacky at all . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Love the gingerbread man and your wonderful new bird feeder --- fun fun fun. Audrey is so innocent -- Not!
    Hugs and purrs.

  4. Kitty in the Window looks like Lizzie!

    Your tree is enchanting -- just perfect. I love the ornaments you chose for it, too. Very pretty!

  5. I simply love your sweet little tree...and oh, that Audrey...her expressions are just priceless!!!

  6. Your tree is precious! The little sweaters are so cute and the new gingerbread man fits right in. I love the new bird feeder, so cute! Oh Audrey, you make my day.

  7. Your fragile tree is wonderful. I love a whispy tree. So sweet! Dianne

  8. Such cute little sweaters...did you knit that one?
    I prefer the softer lighter ornaments...
    That bird feeder is hilarious...only you Deb!
    Such lucky birds in your yard!
    Rain here today....dark and gloomy...
    Linda :o)

  9. Audrey could not possibly be responsible for the bird's disappearance! lol Your tree is adorable.

  10. Your tree looks wonderful! Cute little ginger man, too!

  11. I really like the snowman bird feeder! Audrey probably likes watching the birds enjoying the bounty.

  12. I love your little tree. Are you building this year??

  13. I used to have one of those 'tacky' birdfeeders - I believe it was a gift. the birds loved it - unfortunately, so did the bear. I love your blog - it sometimes takes me a few days to catch up on your posts but I enjoy them so much when I do!

  14. Lovely ornaments. The silver leaf is beautifully unique. I've never seen one like it. Audrey cracks me up. I can always look to her photos for a giggle.