Thursday, December 10, 2015

Enjoying the tree and soaking up heat.

As I decorate the tree...

I think of all my loving cats that have passed on and miss them so much.

For the felines, warming up the body takes priority over everything here.
The wood-stove is a distant memory now and the little heater has become their 'go to' favorite spot.
They gather together in the evening to enjoy the extra warmth.
Audrey often tries to hog the heat.

I remind them daily, "just one winter, girls,and then you'll feel the heat of the old wood stove again."
=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

At least when she's here, she's not banging at the Christmas tree. :)

"Are you heading out soon? I have plans."

"I'll bet you do, monkey."

Are you still having fun preparing for the big day?
Not a hint of snow here as yet.
We are dreaming of a white Christmas.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your Christmas tree ornaments, especially the cat. And I love the huge fluffy reindeer. Do you think Audrey is planning to pull down tree and ornaments? Nooo. I also miss all my kitties gone before me. And this year we lost dear old Megan. Have a great day, Deb. Greetings Jo

  2. Not me lol... I am enjoying a snow free so far Dec. Yay, I say, YAY....Glad those kitties are feeling the warmth...

  3. Your photos are so sweet, Deb. It is 70 degrees in GA today! I think a White Christmas is not likely here!

  4. Such great expressions from Audrey. Before I got a cat, I didn't know they could use their faces so much.

  5. Nice to see your cute lil' face, Audrey! The holidays are a time to reflect and remember, but love lasts forever.

  6. Our cats snuggle on the rug in front of the kitchen sink...mainly because there is a heat vent there! Not convenient for the humans but that doesn't deter or bother them in the least. haha.

  7. I think Charlie Brown trees are the best trees ever! I know you miss Kane and all your fur babes (I miss mine, too). Audrey is just too funny!

  8. I've had a busy week so hope to do a bit more decorating this weekend. I enjoy doing it and letting it glow until New Year's day! At least Charlie is old enough to just lay under the tree these days.

  9. Lovely photos . I bet you all are missing that wood stove in this damp cold weather . Nope no sign of snow here either hope we get some for Christmas day at least ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  10. No snow here, either...
    Audrey is such a little scamp that I "forget" how adorable she looks. Just look at that little face as she soaks up the heat =)

  11. Deb, I think it was 70 F here today in Texas. A white Christmas seems very far away. However, things change...
    Our 4 kitties hug the Aga when they aren't vying for the wool afghan on my bed...

  12. I guess we're all up to the same tricks this week. . . . . . decorating, shopping, wrapping, planning and of course keeping snug! Here it's too warm Deb - at least for December and almost Christmas - not a flake will be floating down around here for a while I'm sure!

    Lovely cat pix - Audrey looks 'possessed' haha!!!!!

    Mary x

  13. My cats gravitate to the foot warmers on the beds, except one hardy soul who wants to sit outside on the back porch. He's our newest rescue and I guess he finds even a soft chair in the cold delightful. No snow in West Texas yet. In fact, it will be in the 80's tomorrow, weathermen say.

  14. Oh Deb, I just looked at your last post. What a perfect little tree you found on the property. It looks so pretty. I needed a laugh today and that last picture of Audrey asking if you were heading out soon just cracked me up. Honestly, I think she is really thinking the words that you post. Is she a mess or what! All three of your cats are special. Wonder if has anything to do with who raised them? Probably!

  15. How festive! And your gang is having fun and cozy!

  16. Audrey is a cat of a thousand faces. She really is.

  17. I'm hoping for a white Christmas!

    Audrey, you're priceless.

  18. Not a snowflake in the ten day forecast here in the mountains, Deb - it's sad, I can't believe we won't have any snow on the ground for Christmas! It barely even feels like Christmas despite the decorations and the music in the background. I guess I shouldn't complain since I'm the one that would be shoveling the snow if it were here!!