Thursday, December 3, 2015

Things are rolling along...

I've made a list of things to do before Christmas and I'm checking things off as I go. I've always been a list girl and never leave home without one. Christmas cards are done and shopping and baking have begun so I feel things are rolling along at a good pace. Saying that, I know I'll still be doing last minute things on Christmas eve. :-b

I do believe Simon has gone to bed for now but I still put a bit of food out for him each day. The crows clean it up if he does not make an appearance. Thank you to all who have written with info on the life of a chipmunk. I learned a lot about them and know now that he will wake up periodically throughout our long and cold winter to feast on the food he has stored away. I'm picturing this guys 'pantry' as one that is bulging at the seams.
And I know that the raccoon appreciates his little snack each night as there is not a crumb left by morning.

It's a dark day today but much milder than last week. Not a sign of snow yet in our area.
That is so odd for this time of year but I'm not complaining. When it does come it stays a very long time.

Audrey loves to watch the crows from the mouse-house window.
Then she heads down to the garage to watch the birds at the back from her cat tree.

I'm afraid if she was to become an out-door cat there would not be a bird left here.

I have left Kane's blanket on the floor for the cats to sleep on. You will find Annie there much of the day snoozing in front of the heater. She misses her old dog and the wood stove.                  

She is getting along fine, though.
She loves to play with her wool ball; yelling while tossing it around the mouse-house.

Then she drops and rolls. :)

She had some fun today with a new fox doll I added to my winter critters. I bought two; one for grandittle Gwynn and one for me. She named her's Sally and mine is named Daisy. ;-)
She makes a nice addition to my fox collection.

I hope you are having fun with your Christmas preparations. I find the lack of snow and ice on our roads makes for great shopping. And if we don't see snow 'til Christmas eve that's just fine with me.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi, Deb.........your Christmas cards are done! Wow!
    Love that fat little snow bird and your little cupboard that you showed us yesterday, and all your foxes. And I really, really love seeing pics. of your kitties. We have decided to remain kitty-less--just too much sorrow when . . . well, you know. So I get my daily kitty fix on your blog. Thanks! from Nebraska ><>

  2. I think this is the nicest time...Getting things ready,
    and up together..! Then a BIG blow~up with family
    and friends on the 25th. Though, this year my Christmas
    will be more on the weekend of the 18th. As my daughter
    and hubby, have work duty's on the Christmas weekend!
    I've had four invites for Christmas day already! But, l'll
    see...bit early to decide...HeHe! If they stagger there meals
    during the day..l may manage 3~4 dinners! :). Bless!

    Oh! one thing that worries me...We have'nt seen the turkey's
    in the last few weeks...Hope no one's told them it's Christmas.
    Perhaps they've gone to hide with Simon...!!! :).

  3. So very pretty, Deb. I know what you mean about Audrey and the birds. Lizzie is the same. Endless fascination and every now and then a leap toward the screen. I have to remember she was an outie before she came to me as an innie!

    I'm glad you left Kane's blanket. Very sweet. And the decorations are great. I just posted about going to Southern Exposure to make a winter swag -- it's so pretty I feel all glowy inside!

  4. Deb, I am a list maker also! I am doing OK with my list but a tiny bit behind but will catch up over the weekend! Love Annie, she just seems like such a sweet girl to me.

  5. I often think how much so many people miss out on without a cat or dog in their lives. Each animal we have that shares the indoors with us has his or her own endearing quirks . Sometimes the quirks are not so endearing, but I discover I miss little things like that when the pet is no longer in our lives.

    My cats are avid bird-watchers too, my dogs are avid cat watchers !

  6. Love all your critters, Deb, both real and decorative. Audrey and Annie are always entertaining. The chubby white bird with the stocking cap is adorable, and I love the simplicity of placing her (she is a she, I'm sure) between the pines. Love Daisy, and how sweet that Gwynn has a little fox doll, too. Love the name "Sally". Continue to have fun, my friend! xo ~ Nancy

  7. I'm a list maker too! Unfortunately, The Hubby has realized that he can read my lists, and he makes comments and suggestions! Nuts to that, so I've developed the sloppiest handwriting, and write in code, just to throw him off. Hrrumph!

  8. Annie is still something of a little kid at times, I see!

  9. I would like to have a bit of snow for Christmas eve and day then it can go away lol ! Thai weekend is to be sunny and 8C here . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. I so enjoy your blog, being a cat person myself. It's fun to see what the kitties are up to and meet your kitty clients.
    After a back injury last year, I'm hesitant to haul a Christmas tree up the stairs, so I'm starting with this and maybe I'll get a small living tree later.
    I'm doing some embroidery and adding some beads and faux colorful, oversized rhinestones.
    All the best

  11. That fat little bird is so cute! At first I thought it was a snowman. :) I love your new fox doll.

  12. Hi Deb - I make lists, too, but then I forget where I put them......I always find them later and there is usually one or two things that I didn't do and they turned out to be not so important anyway! There is always something to take their place. I forgot that chipmunks do a little hibernating. That tugs at my heartstrings about your kitties sleeping on Kane's blanket. Oh, I have lost too many loving companions. That is the price we pay for being animal lovers, but worth the cost for the joy and love they bring to our lives. Sweet decorations - I love the chubby bird and dear little foxes. Hope you have a cozy weekend. xo Karen

  13. Your pictures are so nice. I love seeing the cats. Also, I can picture the chipmunk's pantry bulging at the seams! lol
    This link (my name) will take you to my new blog. I'd love for you to visit and join.

  14. I just bought Christmas cards last are way ahead of me!! I don't know anything about chipmunks but am having fun learning through your fun blog

  15. I am also missing snow this year - today I was decorating the outside of my house in only a fleece - I didn't even need a jacket!! Just weird, that's what it is!