Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Well, Santa arrived at the mouse-house and made sure the stockings were full to the brim.
After a hardy breakfast I headed out to make sure Simon, the squirrels and the birds got some Christmas treats.
And then with a van loaded down with gifts, we headed to my daughter's home for the gathering of our family. Not one snowflake in sight.

                                      Christmas 2015
at home with the kitties (only Annie would pose) then off to my daughter's home. Plenty of smiles there.
                                           Lots of cuties here.

Riley & Gwynn
Daughter Jess & dil Brittany
opening stockings
                                             3 turkeys lol
daughter Allie & Jon preparing an amazing salad.
Mike, retired-guy & son, John 

Bradley testing the snacks
The Menu
Turkey & stuffing
home-made cranberry sauce by chef Mike, too
Delicious veggie balls 
mashed potatoes
sweet turnip
steamed carrots
the most amazing salad ever
home-made rolls (oh my goodness)
lots of wonderful beverages
home-made Butterscotch pie by Brittany :)
an assortment of my sister's home-made squares and cookies
coffee, tea
and bubbly.

Riley loves cats like her nana.
But...someone does not look impressed.
Miss Ruby-doo
(Audrey's sister who looks more like Annie)
(look at those little toesies)
She's really a little love-bug. Lots of cuddles and a huge purr.
 The hostesses with the mostesses.

 sil Mike (the chef) & daughter Jess.
Fantastic dinner.
It was a beautiful, joyful albeit noisy Christmas. 
Just what we needed.
Today...we did nothing. :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping for the same.

hugs, Deb


  1. It looks like you had fun!

    Ruby does not look impressed.

    The cat shop I posted about today is on Bank close to Fifth avenue.

  2. Sounds perfectly awesome! Happy holidays! xx

  3. Looks like a fun and happy Christmas :)
    Now to savour the memories!
    Nancy and the kitties

  4. It does look like you all had a wonderful day with your lovely family. Miss Ruby is very cute and quite the social butterfly.

  5. What lovely family pictures! Thank you for sharing with us in blogland.

  6. That all sounds absolutely perfect! Glad you had a wonderful time!

  7. Wonderful Christmas! How the little ones have grown. Goodness!
    Love seeing Ruby. What a treat! And Annie too. Do you miss having Christmas at your house?

  8. What a lovely Christmas you had.

    I thought that you had packed up Audrey and taken her with you. :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  9. Beautiful family, Deb. I know it was a very special day. Nice to see Ruby. They've grown up into very handsome kitties.
    Purrs and hugs ....

  10. What a grand family Christmas blessed you all were together...even the kitties!!! Lovely Deb!

  11. It looks like a fabulous Christmas, Deb. Our daffodil bulbs are sticking up their little shoots. Well, don't mind the lack of ice or cold! Looks like you were covered with warmth with this group! Happy New Year!

  12. Handsome, beautiful, adorable "grandlittles!"
    Loved seeing your family and all the trims, preps, smiles . . .
    Rest now . . . relax . .!

  13. Sounds like you all had lots of wonderful food, and family time Deb, nothing sweeter !
    Those littles are trying their best to

  14. Deb, I so enjoyed your happy post! It sounds like such a wonderful day. Awesome!
    BTW - You have the most beautiful and handsome grandchildren I have ever seen... Just perfect!

  15. You have a very beautiful family. The grandkids are so cute and they look like fun. It is always sweet to have at least one sister cat lover in the family, but I suspect most of the people in your family love cats.

    The dinner sounds yummy, were you able to smuggle any leftovers home ?

  16. Wonderful photos lovely looking family ! Looks and sounds like all had a great Christmas . The weather is now more like winter as this afternoon there is a bad storm approaching for all of Ontario up north there is to be snow falling down here freezing rain . Glad you all had a lovely Christmas . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. Such a beautiful family - looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I am hungry now, thinking about all that fabulous food! xo Karen