Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Joy!

After a long walk around my grandmother's back 40, we came upon the spot where my great-grand-parents built their first home here. They cleared this spot, built a house and were beginning to raise their five children when the house burned to the ground one day during a storm. That was over 100 years ago now. They then built a home on the piece of land that I now call `home`.

The old tree behind me grew up in the middle of the foundation.

We found a tree that just might fit in our little house.

A Charlie Brown tree for the mouse-house.
Now I know that it is quirky and a little off the mark but's the mouse-house.

The mouse-house is all a glow with lights in the french country cupboard.

                                     And we celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus.

We miss our Kane so much.
We enjoyed fourteen Christmases with this loyal dog.
Audrey is sharpening her claws as I type.
And she has learned how to fly since we moved here.
I can just guess where she is right now. 

Oh joy, the fun begins.

hugs, Deb


  1. We, too, have a Charlie Brown tree. Love your little French country cupboard. But where's Audrey? I don't see her. She is SUCH a hoot....well, what you always have her saying is a hoot! :))) Love from Nebraska ><>

  2. Cats and Christmas trees are always fun!!

  3. What a perfect little tree for your perfect little mouse house!
    How cool to find the foundation of your great grandparents home...
    Enjoy this weather!
    Linda :o)

  4. I love it! What a cute tree.....nothing like a real one!
    Your kitties are very interested, I am sure! haha....

  5. What a perfect little tree! I love those sparse little ones. Bet the kitties will love it too!

  6. Beautiful from me Ria x❤️

  7. I love that little tree and the history behind it. I also love that you have an ornament that reminds you of Kane. It makes me want to find one for our old kitty that we lost this year, too. -Jenn

  8. That tree is a perfect Christmas tree. I started off with a 9ft. tree the year I married & now there is one your size. Enjoy the time.

  9. Awww Deb, your tree is so cute and must smell so wonderful in your cozy home. I love the French country cupboard all decked out in holiday decor. The ornament of Kane must being back sweet memories of your beloved dog.

  10. I miss Kane to ! What a sweet tree oh she is pretty ! Is that a squirrel on the top oh my how cute lol ! Now Audrey leave that tree alone little Miss ! Everything looks pretty there ! Lovey that you are on the property from your family and continue the history of being there enjoying the nature ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. You really are on home turf! A flying Audrey is a frightening thought! I love your ornament of Kane. All mine are represented on the tree, too.

  12. Your tree is lovely.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  13. It's perfect! I simply adore this Deb! What a blessing to be right there on the very land your Grandparents built their home...incredible! Hugs for you and your family on the sadness of losing your beloved Kane....he was such a love.

  14. The Charlie Brown tree will do nicely.

  15. Deb, what a nice post about the new tree and thinking of Kane. If you please send me your mailing address, I have something to send to you - a little special something you might enjoy. I sent you an email yesterday to your regular contact email. Thanks! Glenda from Kansas.

    1. I did not receive an email from you. Could you try again, please. Thanks

  16. How wonderful that you can visit the spot where your great-grandparents first lived--and a joy to be building a new home on family land.