Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone.

Favorite Day around here...Boxing Day.
I spent the last few days clearing things out, packing things up and making the little mouse house more livable for the winter months ahead. The tree is outside now to be filled with treats for the resident birds and squirrels.I'll put it in view of a window.

I had some help.

                                                              This box stays.

I hope Simon is asleep and will stay underground for a few weeks. It is supposed to be cold for days ahead. The last I saw of him was Christmas day.

Santa was so good to me and I am now enjoying some of my gifts. Christmas teas, gorgeous hand lotions and soaps, books, kitchen accessories, and some fun things to decorate the mouse house. One gift brought tears and I will cherish it for all Christmases ahead.

                           My angel, Kane on a jingle bell.

To help with all the extra calories consumed last week, we received a pair of snow-shoes each. I look forward to getting out on them.

Another year has flown by, and although it has been a hard one with many losses, I have appreciated your friendship all the way. I thank you for your thoughts and prayers; for your humour and your kindness. Oh my goodness, you all have a heart of gold.

 I have enjoyed following along with your blogs to share in the good times, the surprises of life's journey and to be there for you, too, during the down times. You are all very loving and talented people.

As we carry on with life's gifts and burdens, I wish you all a love-filled, exciting new year.

                "Happy New Year, everyone."

                 "Here's to your best year yet."

hugs, Deb
the retired-guy, our family & Sierra, Annie, Audrey and sleepy Simon.


  1. What a fitting decoration.

    Of course the cats will like the boxes.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Love the Kane ornament! Aw.

    And that last photo is just wonderful!

  3. Dear Deb, When I saw the pic. of Audrey looking pensive, thought to myself that she looks like she is missing Kane too. Want to warn you that future Christmasses will bring tears as you see again that beautiful ornament of "Kane" on a jingle bell. I speak from experience. Nebraska friend ><>

  4. Oh, and what a beautiful family!! from Nebraska with love. ><>

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family (with and without fur!) and enjoy your lovely little mouse house and the rest of the winter. I'm sure Simon has hunkered down somewhere safe. -Jenn

  6. I think the best prezzies for me..Being in my
    60's are all the fun things..People and family
    never know what to by me..I have everything...
    And what do you give someone who has everything ???
    NO! Not Penicillin...! :0). HeHe! But! I certainly
    got some 'fun' things!

    And...A lovely family photo...I love family photos,
    anyone's family photos...! HeHe! I still have old
    sepia photos of my grandparents, back home in Sicily!
    BIG hats..Big gowns...Fantastic...! :).

    And Audrey!x You hang on to that box...Poppy!x Has just
    lost hers, to recycling. So you keep yer eye on it....

    AND....A Happy New Year To Every Buddy....!!!x

  7. Happy New Year to you Deb, and all of your wonderful family. I hope the year is filled with treats and wildlife to watch for Audrey and Annie. Audrey is so cute in her box. My kitties are enjoying theirs too. Boxes for Christmas are always appreciated by cats.

  8. Incredibly terrific family portrait! And I love sweet Kane's angel bell. (Every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings -- Kane probably has dozens by now. Hundreds!)

    Have a wonderful new year celebration and I'll look forward to more kitties, cupboards and yum recipes in 2016!

  9. All the best to you Deb....
    Exciting year for your new build!
    Miss V and I made your banana cookies last night! Delish!
    Linda :o)

  10. It has been quite a year with many ups and downs. I am so glad we are Blog friends, you are always so full of love and kindness.

  11. All the best to you and yours! Happy New Year!
    Purrs and hugs.....

  12. What a beautiful family you have Deb. I saw the ornament for Kane and became teary for you all. I know you miss him so very much. I will continue to think of him warm and happy in heaven. Hugs and blessings as we welcome a new

  13. Absolutely love that family pic! (and no one making silly faces... how do you do it?) Wishing you a safe happy 2016 in your darling little mouse house! And also to all your critters - inside and out!

  14. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your year with us. Hope 2016 is wonderful for you.

  15. It was a hard year for me, too, but with many good moments, as well. This upcoming year will be better - and if it's not, then at least there will be some great moments. Happy new year!

  16. Happy new year Ria x❤️

  17. Happy new year my new friend!! Enjoying getting to know you! Blogging is so fun! I love the ornament but it brought tears.... Our dogs and kitties await us in heaven...

  18. Happy New Years to you Deb and your lovely family. Wishing you health and happiness for the year ahead. Thanks for sharing your lovely life with us.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  19. I know I say this all the time but Audrey does have the most amazing face. I have never seen such a wide range of expressions. She really has star quality.
    Hope you're having a warm and comfy New Year's Eve. We think of those we've loved and lost and know they will never be forgotten.

  20. Happy New Year !!!
    I wish 2016 bring you the best !

  21. Happy New Year Deb. May 2016 be heavily weighted with good times and less sadness. What a wonderful family photo. Did you have to bribe Audrey to snap the photo? What a sweet reminder of Kane. He will always be part of your heart. Once the tree comes down I always feel like rearranging the furniture and switching up the decorative items. Some things from the living room go into the bedroom and I love how the place looks totally different without spend a dime. Have fun making the Mouse House as roomy as possible, When your new house is finished, you won't know what to do with all that extra space.

  22. Happy new year! Sorry to hear about the cat, we lost one of our cats this the autum and we now hoow sead it is..