Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Well, we now have our familiar blanket of snow for our area in December. It fell all day yesterday until dark. It's pretty, for now, and we will make the best of it. But I know I will be dreaming of Spring very soon.


The birds seemed to panic with this sudden snowfall and were fighting over the food at the feeders.
The juncos were chasing off the doves and sparrows.The blue-jays were being their normal bully selves but there was plenty for everyone. It was certainly keeping a little someone very occupied watching all the activity.


 Simon is under the snow now. Hope he stays put for awhile.

I was a little bored yesterday so I started playing with my step-back again. I wanted it more cheery to chase away the winter doldrums.

I'm heading out to the feeders then for a much-needed hour walk. Time to pull on the old boots. :)

Have a great day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Stay warm. Enjoy the walk!
    Purrs and hugs ----

  2. Finally snow !!! from me Ria x

  3. Hope you took your camera with you on that walk! The snow is beautiful!

    I love what you did with your cupboard...your changes remind me of what I do to my foyer table!

  4. Your yellow pottery does look cheery. And I love those 2 little fox (or is it foxes?)!

  5. Hi dear Deb -
    What a difference a day makes! I love watching the birds in snow - especially freshly fallen and the first of the season. They do seem to get so hungry, perhaps the cold requires more food to keep those little wings flapping and teeny tiny hearts beating. Another Pine siskin hit the glass storm door recently and I found it on its back, stunned. I picked it up gently, stroked its head and talked to it as it was frightened. I can never get over how fragile and light the small birds are - nothing to them really, just a couple of ounces, and yet they are so smart and move around in glorious flight on those delicate wings. Anyway, that sweet bird eventually flew off after a while tucked into a safe spot in a flower bed - I always pray they make it!

    The step-back looks awesome - once I take Christmas down I need to clean out and rearrange mine!
    Happy New Year Deb to you and the family, including the fabulous felines of course! Stay warm and bring back some country pix from your walks to share with us please.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Love the play on words on your butter knife!

  7. You win the cheery contest! Very nice step back!

    And yes, Lizzie is the same with the birds -- and they are scrambling as much as yours are. Our snow isn't that deep but hey, why push it when you can go to Lizzie Cosette's Birdbath Bar and Grill?

  8. It does look lovely but I am sure you are tired of the snow already. I am feeding our birds here, we have a blackbird who lives in our tree and wants his dinner at 5pm every night, just like Poppy Q.

  9. The cats really must love having that high ground and seeing the birds!

  10. Hello there Deb, your post is perfect & timely as we swelter over here in the hot & the dry. My lawn is beginning to crack now from the dry. Your snow pictures are amazing & make me feel so serene just looking at them. Thank you for sharing them ... your step back cupboard is beautiful as is your new header. Happy New Year to you & your family & wonderful 4-legged friends too Deb x x x

  11. OH WOW !you did get hit with lots of snow , we are still green down here . Lovely photos , I will be taking the Christmas decorations down this week and starting on spring things next lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

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