Sunday, March 13, 2016

A special "Happy Birthday" & Sun-lit Sunday

I remember this day. I had my son, spring was here and life was perfect.

And now he's 32. You could knock me over with a stick.
We all say it, don't we. Where has the time gone?
I'm so proud of this man. He is a wonderful son, a great husband and father, a supportive brother and uncle and a good friend to many. 
                                  "Happy Birthday, John."
                                        "We love you."

And...more time with this little guy who is now one week old. :)
                                        With Aunt Allie & Uncle Jon

Now on to Sunlit Sunday at

The snow is melting fast and now we have mud.
But, I'll take it.
The grass is not far behind.

"Happy Sunday to you"
Hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Time does fly but it's also see them grow up and become great adults, isn't it? And that new little one is so

  2. Happy Birthday to your son John . Lovely photos . They grow fast ! Glad to see your snow is finally melting . Spring has sprung here for sure grass is greening up Chippy is out and about and more spring birds arrive and the clocks have sprung forward to I am a soo loving it all ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to your John. Time flies by, I can't believe my oldest will be 37 in May! My Grands are now getting older also, but life is so good! Beautiful Annie photos.

  4. Lovely pix Deb - yes time certainly flies much too fast - thank goodness we have tiny family additions arriving hither and thither to keep us going! Happy Birthday to your John - bet he enjoyed the beautiful looking Birthday fruit tart!

    Sweet baby looks so adorable.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. Happy Birthday to your son and happy 1st week to the little one! Audrey is looking splendid, enjoying the sunny spots. That's quite the outdoor space. I just ready your sidebar profile and find and see you're enjoying some country living. Good Luck with the upcoming new home.


  6. Happy Birthday John,
    Greetings from Tatjana

  7. Congratulations from me Ria x

  8. Love the pics, Deb... family and cats! Isn't it strange how our kids get so old? How does that happen? My oldest will be 48 this year! And isn't it fun to have a new baby in the family? Enjoy!

  9. Happy Birthday John....
    Happy Sunday Deb...
    Linda :o)

  10. Deb, sweet pics of your family as always, love seeing them! And the close-up of Annie is adorable. I can almost smell her sweet self. Kitties do have the most comforting smell, don't they! Love from Nebraska ><>

  11. happy birthday to John!
    gosh he looks like you too, same eyes & shaped face, very handsome man!
    may he have many more birthdays!
    thanx for sharing

  12. Sweet photos of you and your family, Deb. Fun to see you that first photo of you and your baby. I know what you mean about the passing of the years. My son will be 39 in June. How can this be? xo

  13. Happy birthday to your son! And he's probably thinking the same thing as you, when he looks at his children: 'where has the time gone'? But as we know, it's not where it goes, it's what you do with it. And raising a wonderful family is as good as it gets.

  14. Wow this gave me son is 32 and expecting his first later this year. Seeing this touched home with me! I feel the same way- where did the time go! Love the pictures of the cat. Visiting from Sunlit Sunday, Liz

  15. What a good looking son!! Mine will be 35 in May. My, how time flies - I do know what you mean. My son has two beautiful girls, 12 and 9. Good grief. They'll be graduated before we know it! Congrats again on your lovely grandson. He's a cutie.

    Take time to snuggle up in the sun spot with the girls, I'm sure they'll share their warm spot, as long as you pet them and give them plenty of attention!! And take a cup of tea with you to add to the calm.

    Your friend!
    Glenda from Kansas

  16. Our son is the same age as yours. Isn't it wonderful to see them growing up into such wonderful men? Time does fly by. Lovely sunlit photos.