Saturday, July 23, 2016

Around the garden today.


Oh boy, it's hot.
  But, I'm thinking of our long winters
so I won't complain...
I won't complain...
although it is 'really' hot.

Hope you are staying cool.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi, Deb. Here in Nebraska it's REALLY hot too. Week of 98-100 degrees(F)days and not cooling off in the evenings. Your garden is looking wonderful in spite of the heat! So is Simon.

  2. Hello Deb! Here in Upstate New York it's very hot too! But I also think ahead to the blowing and snowing and cold and dark...and it doesn't feel so hot anymore! Because of you...I am liking my squirrels and chipmunks more...and when I fill the feeders for the birds...I make sure to toss some extra sunflower seeds for them. :)My short haired kitty...Charleigh...adopted from Charleston, SC...loves the heat...loves any patch of sun she can find. The two long haired girls, Nella and Tilly like it a little cool and enjoy the AC. :)

  3. Deb, I've been looking forward to catching up and glad I started here. Your posts are always special. The garden is so pretty! I love all the pictures and the one of Gramps and little Gwynn is precious. Poppy, just stopped at the computer and together we have looked back at lots and lots of your posts. He knows how much I talk about you and the mouse house, your family, Audrey and Annie, and all your little pets. Thank you!

  4. We came home from the cottage last night!
    Too darn hot...and too darn windy!
    The up side??? We are going to pick up Vivian and have a sleepover!
    Enjoy your Sunday Deb...
    Linda :o)

  5. So lush and lovely. What a spectacular garden! It made me think of the lyrics to this tune:

    Mountain Greenery
    By Ella Fitzgerald
    On the first of may, it is moving day,
    Spring is here, so blow your job,
    Throw your job away!
    Now's the time to trust,
    To your wanderlust,
    In the city's dust you wait, must you wait
    Just you wait.......!
    In a mountain greenery,
    Where god paints the scenery
    Just two crazy people together.
    While you love your lover,
    Let blue skies, be your cover-let,
    When it rains we'll laugh at the weather.
    And if you're good,
    I'll search for wood,
    So you can cook... while i stand look-in'
    Beans could get no keener reception in a beanery
    Bless our mountain greenery home!
    Mosquitoes here,
    Won't bite you dear,
    I'll let them sting, me on the finger!
    We could find no cleaner retreat from life's machinery
    Then our mountain greenery home.

  6. Just know how you feel although our winters here in Alicante are not so harsh as yours. Looks like we are in for another sweltering hot night! Thank the heavans for electric fans otherwise I just wouldn't sleep. Love all those pics!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  7. We're hot, too. Well, it's the humidity that's unbearable!
    Love all the photos...the light is beautiful! Love that Simon!

  8. Simon's busy gorging himself and getting as much as he can to stockpile the winter quarters.