Friday, July 8, 2016

Summering-up the old step-back.

I was planning tea with Audrey and 
 only meant to remove one dish and ended up redoing the whole cupboard.
Now it looks more summery to me and 
will look pretty lit up in the evening.
Yep...I occasionally light up my china cabinet. :)

But the rearranging of my cupboard cut into our tea-time so we'll have to put that off for today.

"Honestly, this woman is one teaspoon short of
a full sugar bowl."


hugs, Deb


  1. Ooh dear Audrey, one less biscuit when you get your tea :)
    Your step-back cupboard is just gorgeous Deb, I simply love how you decorate for the seasons..
    Blue and white dishes, what could be more summery..

  2. That first blue and white tea pot is SO beautiful! Whole cupboard looks great. And, an upside-down Audrey.....too cute!
    Nebraska ><>

  3. That photo of Audrey is so cute. She looks almost civil, too! : )
    Love your pretty dishes of summer!

  4. Your cupboard is just so lovely Deb .... I love the style of it. I also love your little verse about Gardeners sitting on it. You have some very pretty china. Just beautiful. As is Audreys little face. Have a wonderful weekend Deb.

  5. Well...! It has to be said...
    Audrey!x 'ALWAYS' knows what she's
    talking about....Teaspoons? You just
    lay there Audrey!x And don't stir..! :).

  6. I had such a blue white dish set too, was very much in fashion years ago, unfortunately I don't remember what happened to it ! Looks very nice in your cupboard !

  7. love all your pretty blue whites! I started collecting it about 2 years ago and just love it. I have found many plates and bowls and vases...but not a single coffee/teacup yet! And you have many. You just never know what you're gonna find out thrifting do we?

  8. Your cupboard is always lovely and the blue and white is so perfect for summer! Tea Time for Audrey!!

  9. So reflective of summer--I just read that the blue color is refreshing! What a card that Audrey is. Too bad we don't live closer so she and Clara could have a play date! XOXO

  10. You do have things nicely arranged. Audrey, now behave!

  11. Love the blue and white and touch of yellow in your cupboard. Definitely looks like summer. This morning, I made your pumpkin muffins. I have actually titled the recipe Deb's Pumpkin Muffins. It is such a delicious recipe. I did not have any dried fruit that I wanted to use so I just used two cups of walnuts. It always turns out delicious and I usually have 36 average-sized muffins. I freeze them and then pull out a couple every few days. Such a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    1. They are my favorite, too. You are very welcome. :)

  12. Audrey, your snark is dialed up to 11, girlfriend!

  13. Your cupboard is so pretty Deb. Mama had a little blue willow creamer like the one on the yellow dish. I remember her using it. It's so easy to move one little thing and then wind up changing everything. Wish I could hold Audrey and hug her just once!! :)

  14. I like the cupboard too! Beautiful pictures!